The One Percent Rule

One of the things that I wanted to do this year was to read more books and share some of the things that resonate with me. I have read my way halfway through the Atomic Habits by James clear, but I have decided to go back and write about a few topics that made me stop for a minute to think about. 

The 1% rule is simple yet important when it comes to trying to establish or get rid of habits. It is always easy to undermine the value of small improvements. 

If you can get one percent better every day for a year, you will end up being 37 times better by the end. And the same goes in the other direction as well. 

I wouldn’t get in shape just by going to the gym for two weeks, and the scale might not change if I eat a fast food meal. However, if I stay consistent with either of them, the results are going to be exponential. 

Changing the course of an airplane just a few degrees before takeoff, may not seem to matter at all, however, it will definitely be clear when you land in a different country by the end of the trip. 

Success is not a once-in-a-lifetime transformation, but it is a product of habits