We’re all villains in someone else’s story

Throughout our lives, we tend to have the perception that the world is revolving around us. We would keep living as if everything is related to us in one way or another, trying to make the most out of our lives, hoping to achieve something.

We live in the form of stories to be told to those whom we hold dearly to our hearts. All the adventures, and the struggles we experience, usually add up to an amazing story to tell the future generations to come. Stories that we are the heroes of, fighting against all odds to make our stories count.

We live in a never-ending network of colliding storylines, that often, results in either a good or bad situation. We all have bad encounters with others. That is completely normal, but that, however, does not make them, or us, bad people.

Everyone is living within their own stories as they live on, and to them, the world does infact revolve around them. We are all living together on this earth, and could possibly be physically close to one another, but be worlds apart from how we perceive things.

We should never judge someone else’s story based on our own. Because most of the time, we’re oblivious to the whole picture. People could be going through things that would consume all their mental, physical and emotional resources, and that could be easily mistaken for narcissism. We’re all fighting our own battles, doing whatever we can to put a perfect ending to our story. Let’s live and let live, and not be the villains in someone else’s story.