Hey there!

What would you do if you meet yourself in a public place?

on a quite busy evening -as usual- trying to push myself harder to work on my research. My sister call me, hey you, “What would you do if you meet yourself in a public place? Would you ask her to drink a cup of coffee or tea with you? Would you hug her? What would you talk with her about?” ……….

Seconds of silence……………………

Me: “No, absolutely I wouldn’t do any of that!!! I’ll just say hi and move on!”

she said: “Why? don’t you want to meet yourself, talk or even hit her?, that’s really weird!”

Me:  “ I might spend hours staring at her thinking what is she thinking, how she become what she is now in every aspect, that’s all. I want to see, meet, talk to new people instead.”

Then she cried! “What happened ?!” I said.

“ I would die to meet and talk to me” She said.

How different we think about ourselves? and what does that even means? It has something to do with psychology for sure! I couldn’t explain why I said so or why she said so.  I believe that an answer for that question can tell so many things about someone.

tell next time,

ask yourself, What would you do if you meet yourself?

let me know if you like so ..

                                               سلام و حب