Health & Safety Tips for Hajj & Umrah Travel

Visiting the Holy House of ALLAH is a dream of every Muslim. Millions of Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia to have the privilege of performing Umrah throughout the year and annually to perform Hajj. To be capable to perform Umrah in the Holy month of Ramadan to get maximum reward book All Inclusive Cheap umrah packages. Go through to health and safety tips for Hajj and Umrah before you leave.

  • Make your mind before starting the laborious journey of Hajj. Hajj is a physical Journey so make sure you are mentally prepared for this journey.

  • Fitness is another requirement of Hajj, focus on your health before you make up your mind to visit the Holy kabah for performing Hajj. Make sure you start exercising 6 months before to prepare yourself physically for the long Journey of Hajj.

  • Choose your travel agent wisely. Hajj has become an attractive time for fraudsters. Pilgrims need to be aware that some unscrupulous tour operators may abandon them and leave them with unpaid bills. The hotels demand hidden charges for the return of a passport as well. So make sure you are travelling with a reliable company

  • With temperatures ranging between 18 and 48 Celsius, Make sure to keep yourself self-hydrated and don’t forget to apply sunblock. Avoid being directly exposed to the sun particular at midday. Take an umbrella, and sunglasses to stay in shade.

  • During Hajj Makkah is crowded, to avoid getting lost, stay with your travel group. Make sure you have travel group contact information, the location and the telephone number of your hotel.

  • Carry a small first aid kit in case you get any injury. Identify the nearest healthcare facilities in case any emergency occurs.

  • Keep your stuff secure as pick-pocketing and other forms of theft have been on the rise around the Grand Mosque and Madinah. Use an anti-theft bag for your mobile and money.

  • Keep an extra ihram when one gets dirty and sweaty change it. Take care of your hygiene. You must not smell bad. Ladies should carry extra hijab and abayas with them.

  • Carry extra copies of documents and place them in a different place in baggage and luggage in case anything is lost, have extra copies of documents.

  • Maintain Distance: During Hajj and Umrah, the Kabah and other places are crowded. Unpleasing pushing is part of Umrah and Hajj for no apparent reason, for women must stay closer to their Mehrams to refrain from any uncomfortable incident.

  • Don’t push other pilgrims when head over to the Blackstone to kiss it. If it is crowded don’t try to physically kiss the stone, follow the Sunnah point towards the black stone and say “ALLAH-O-Akbar”.

  • Wear comfortable sandals as you will be doing a lot of walking. Keep a tub of Vaseline to stop your upper thigh from getting sore due to long walks.

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