Best Nativity Sets To Display This Christmas

Today, it is very popular to have a nativity set that either displays the nativity of Jesus or just some of the figures in miniature. In this article, I am going to show you my top 4 nativity sets , each one with its own good and bad features.

First up is a beautiful Lord Of The Rings themed Nativity Set for any Lord Of The Rings fan. According to high end classic furniture company It comes with a stable and the figures of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus and an alternative set of three shepherds plus baby Jesus.

It is very well made and can be used for either decoration or play purposes. However, it is quite expensive at £299.99 ($437). You can get it from Firebox .

Next, we have a Star Wars themed nativity set that is very well made and looks amazing. It comes with the stable, figures of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus plus three shepherds plus baby Jesus.

It costs $99 on Amazon  so it works out as quite good value for money if you want something fun for the kids to play with. However, I would only recommend it if you are a Star Wars fan.

Also you can have this very decorative set that can be wall mounted or left out as table decoration . It has a whole host of accessories and is quite a good price at £9.99 ($15).

However , the main reason I would recommend this nativity set is because you can get it from for only £6.99 ($10).

Finally, we have a design that I think is very original and clever . It has a contemporary style with an interesting jigsaw shape base to the stable.

As well as the stable , you get a figure of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus plus three shepherds, two dogs and an apple tree. You can also get it from for £9.99 ($15).

So there are four nativity sets that I would recommend this Christmas. Each one is slightly different so hopefully one will catch your eye!

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