3 Ways an ACD System Shortens Call Time and Increases Agent

No matter what business you’re in, having a call center boosts your productivity and improves your overall customer service. Call center software and hardware has greatly improved over the years, making it possible for your agents to keep track of past conversations, recognize callers who are already in the system, and even track their stats as they progress throughout the workday. One of the most common software features is an automatic call distributor, and it’s also one of the most vital features to have in your software. If you have been looking at products but you’re not sure what you should focus on, let’s look at three ways an ACD system shortens call time and increases agent availability in any industry

1. Your customers will not have to worry about speaking to multiple agents

If you’ve ever been on the phone with a company, you know that nothing is more frustrating than having to speak to multiple agents to get the answers you seek. When a company uses a call center that uses a first-come, first-served answering approach, these types of issues can happen for a caller. Customers will often find themselves being transferred repeatedly before they can have their problems addressed. With an ACD system, however, calls are set to be forwarded to the right agent who will be able to handle the job. This is often achieved when a certain area code or language is recognized from the number. If you have an interactive voice response system in your software, your customers can tell you exactly what issues they’re having, which can then point them to the right group of agents.

2. Your agents are able to quickly and effectively remedy customer issues

Speaking with an inexperienced agent may be difficult for a customer, but it’s equally stressful for the agent. When your call center allows anyone to pick up a call, you may find that several agents with the wrong experience are finding themselves struggling to take calls and fix the issues. An ACD makes it so that your agents know exactly what types of customers will be routed to them and what issues they’ll be dealing with. If an agent is having trouble, ACD software often comes equipped with coaching capabilities so that supervisors can listen in and help the agent solve the problem that the customer is having. The faster an agent can solve an issue, the more efficient your call center will be.

3. ACD systems often come with other productivity tools

An ACD system today is never just an ACD system. Software for call centers often comes with features such as IVR, which determines the needs of your callers, computer telephony integration systems that handles all electronic communication methods to improve agent effectiveness, and even databases that recognize previous callers and keep records about previous interactions with specific customers. Having an ACD system makes it so that you’re always prepared to help your customers and improve the efficiency of your call center in the long run.

While having an ACD system in your call center is a must, not all call center software is the same. You need to make sure that you have the best software for both your agents and your customers. If you’re a growing enterprise looking into developing your own call center but you don’t know where to turn, consider Bright Pattern ACD for your business needs.