5 Surprising Things Every Man Should Know About Semen

As a man, you never lose the ability to produce semen. Even if you experience erectile issues in your later years, your body is always capable. There is no time limit on semen production, like women experience with their eggs. While you may be reading this thinking you already knew there, here are five surprising facts you may not have known.

1. There is no proven way to change the smell or taste of semen

You probably started hearing as a young teenager about eating or drinking certain things to make your semen taste or smell better. The information was passed around like the holy grail by young men hoping to entice a female. However, according to the research, there is no definitive way to change taste or smell purposely. Despite that, it has been stated that the healthier you eat, the better quality it will be since everything that goes into your body also comes out.

2. consistency can change daily

The consistency and thickness of your semen can change from one day to the next. It has been suggested that the more hydrated you are, the more liquidity it will be during ejaculation. However, there is no exact formula to control consistency. Similar to concerns regarding taste and smell, the greatest suggestion is to eat healthily and stay hydrated. Unless you have wild variations in your diet from day-to-day, the consistency will likely be somewhat, well, consistent.

3. It is possible to be allergic to semen

Although considered very rare, some women are allergic to semen and may break out in a painful rash after coming in physical contact with it. In this case, rare means less than 1% of the population will have an allergy. Research has shown that women with an allergy can overcome it through controlled exposure with a medical professional.

4. Semen is high in protein and low in calories

Some groups have gone so far as to suggest it should be used in food due to the nutritional value. It is exceptionally high in protein and other nutrients, yet remarkably low in calories. It has the potential of providing nutritional needs without contributing to weight gain. The research on nutritional value has varied dramatically due to ethical complications of experimenting with consumption.

5. Semen can be used to make invisible ink

Back in World War II, the British discovered that semen could be used to make invisible ink and did not react to iodine the way other invisible ink ingredients did, making it more effective. The article does not share how this was discovered, but it is true. The use of it as invisible ink makes sense when you consider it is seemingly invisible until you turn on a black light, and your sheets illuminate like a Christmas tree.

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