3 New Modes (Fan made by TAZ [AU-Oh_93_N] )

1- God(Supreme King) mode [1v1] {Offline}:

In this mode, you will play 8 fights each fight have a single round, you can retry the round up to 4 times as maximum in those 8 fights whether you lost or you won but wanted to retry again.


The goal in this mode is to win with less damage as possible (the amount of damage you have taken will decrease your score point at the end of the match).

2- Monster(Beast Within) Mode [1v5] {Offline}:

In this mode, you fight 5 enemies simultaneously, where damaging any enemy for 1/3 of there health bar with result in changing the enemy character every time (such as what happens in the survival mode).


  1. The player will have 2 health bars or 1 health bar with an equivalent amount of health.

  2. The enemies do not share the health bar.

  3. The enemy health bar will be small.

  4. The score points are given by the amount of health you kept + the damage you made overall.

3- Heroes(Boss Fight) mode [3v1] {Online}:

This mode is a 3v1, where the 3 characters (let's call them “A”, ”B”&“C”) changing is determined by falling by an enemy hit or combo; So if “A” fell then “A” will be stunned & “B” will enter the fight at that moment, those rules are applied for the characters “A”, ”B”&“C”.


  1. The fighting order to decide who will start the fight & who will be after is determined by Rock Paper Scissors before the fight.

  2. The health for the boss is 2 bars or 1 bar with an equivalent amount, also the boss will have damage bonus by 20% for each hit.

  3. The heroes “A”, “B”&“C” will have a bonus movement speed(walking forward/backward or running only) by 25% when the health is dropped under 25% of his/her original health (the bonus speed will happen for the one that has a health lower than 25% only [every hero has a single health bar]).