Green IT and Sustainability

By Abdulaziz Albahlal

This is a quick presentation for Green IT and Sustainability that will cover the main idea about this topic and why it is very important as a PhD candidate with Tomayess,

There in no such thing as ‘Away’, when we throw anything away it must go somewhere.

Annie Leonard

The problem

Why Green IT and sustainability so important, might we ask a question “Do you thing Green IT and Sustainability is important?

Old phones

Where are they now?

Does it really danger to we just dumb them?

Africa example

The main issue

  • Over 500 container loads of electronic waste are coming from these developed countries

  • In 2009 Ghana imported 215,000 metric tons of electric and electronic equipment”

  • They burn circuit boards over open fires to melt out the precious metals

  • suffer skin diseases, heart problems


What am I doing in my research now?

Developing a new framework that helps developing countries to shift their technology to be sustainable, How?

- First, know in which level of knowledge about sustainability and Green IT these people they have

- What is the gap that required to be filled to apply the new sustainable technology to their businesses

- How we maintain the new platform after being developed.

I'm doing research using mix-method ( Qualitative and Quantitative)

As student, what you have to do?

  • Made a sustainable planning and design a for short and long term (think globally and do locally)

  • Think about the next generation, how they will live

  • Try to include sustainability in your lifestyle, caring about the enlivenment

  • Attend for different session that university offer to save the environment

  • This is very interesting and hot topic

As programmer, what you have to do ?

  • Electricity is main issue in the computing world, cause a lot of environmental damage

  • Upgrading is the solution, do not change the devices

  • Use cloud solution and services (reduce the electricity and cost)

  • Make sure that your code has no limitless loop ( cause electricity and kill the CPU)

  • As we can see, sustainability is more efficient and less cost

As employee, what you have to do?

  • Use power management for your computer (makes big different)

  • Don’t print paper unless you really need it (double side)

  • Recycle everything, in your workplace our out

  • Be aware about sustainability and try to distribute sustainability idea to other employee (living in awareness enlivenment)

Thank you.