PhD research in Green IT and Sustainability

By Abdulaziz Albahlal

This is a presentation for Green IT and Sustainability that will cover the main idea about this topic and why it is very important as a PhD candidate with Tomayess,

There in no such thing as ‘Away’, when we throw anything away it must go somewhere.

Annie Leonard

Who AM I ?

  • Masters of Computer Science Journey 

  • Shifting my mind

  • Search about Green IT and Sustainability in GCC

  • Start my PhD

What am I doing in my research now?

Developing a new framework that helps developing countries to shift their technology to be sustainable, How?

- First, know in which level of knowledge about sustainability and Green IT these people they have

- What is the gap that required to be filled to apply the new sustainable technology to their businesses

- How we maintain the new platform after being developed.

I'm doing research using mix-method ( Qualitative and Quantitative)

Research Questions 

Main Research Question: How can a Green IT Model meet the GCC countries requirements?

First Sub Research Question: What are the perspectives of various stakeholders in GCC countries concerning the Green IT model?

Second Sub Research Question: How can a Green IT model will be useful for IT departments in GCC countries?

Green IT model 

As student, what you have to do?

  • Made a sustainable planning and design, for short and long term (think globally and do locally)

  • Think about the next generation, how they will live

  • Attend for different session that university offer to save the environment

  • This is very interesting and trending topic

As programmer, what you have to do ?

  • Electricity is main issue in the computing world, cause a lot of environmental damage

  • Upgrading is the solution, do not change devices

  • Use cloud solution and services (reduce the electricity and cost)

  • Make sure that your code has no limitless loop ( consume electricity and kill the CPU)

  • As we can see, sustainability is more efficient and less cost

As employee, what you have to do?

  • Use power management for your computer (makes big different)

  • Don’t print paper unless you really need it (double side)

  • Recycle everything, in your workplace our out

  • Be aware about sustainability and try to distribute sustainability idea to other employee (living in awareness enlivenment)

Thank you.