A Short Story

About Deep Emotions

There was, once upon a time, long ago, there was a very good man in a little village on the shore. He was the wise man of the village and everyone respected him so much.

His job was to guide his people whenever they did anything wrong, so he did that, but only a few people followed him while most people didn’t like his advice.

He had to keep trying as more and more people were doing the wrong stuff. But the more he gave them his advice, the more they turned away from him.

The Good wise man felt very sad as more people were not interested in doing the right thing, he felt very deeply about it, so he decided that he will leave them alone and go away.

And so he left them.

Things went by.. and without him knowing, he found himself suddenly in total darkness.

He was drowning in the deep sea.. inside the tummy of a giant whale. This was the last thing that he thought could happen.

His sorrow increased deeper and deeper.

And it was not too late.

He vowed that if he was let out of the whale he will go back to his people and keep helping them.

So God let him out of the whale and back to the shore.

This story is not only about Prophit Jonah, but it is about you and me turning away from things that really matter to other things that don’t because some deep emotions asked us to do so.

Can you feel the whale surrounding you?