Abandoned: 'No Meaningful Evidence' Game Exists, According to New Report

Dutch designer Blue Box Game Studios revealed the PS5 Exclusive Abandoned in 2021, promising it would arrive later that year. Nonetheless, the company doesn't appear to have made a meaningful amount of progress from that point forward.

Presently, it seems to be the survival frightfulness title isn't coming any time soon, or potentially at all. While engineers haven't officially canceled Abandoned, a new report indicates that designers may not be actively dealing with the game.

According to Gamespot, several individuals near the venture affirmed that Abandoned is waiting because of a lack of subsidizing. Project lead Hasan Kahraman said Blue Box is dealing with a playable preamble to assist with financing the game. In any case, the studio has not made a lot of progress on that front. Something other than a case of unfortunate management and unrealistic goals, the latest news paints an image of a duplicitous and erratic lead engineer with little to back up his promises. Part of the issues may come from various and radical changes to what Abandoned even is.

Initially pitched as a survival ghastliness game about a man abducted by a malevolent faction, it's reportedly been modified on numerous occasions. During this interaction, Abandoned gained and lost ideas like maverick AIs and vampires, with one source depicting the latter idea as a Resident Evil clone. Abandoned has also reportedly oscillated between the initial survival loathsomeness idea and turning into an action game. Kahraman has since returned again to the original idea of a first-individual ghastliness game about a clique in the wild, yet he actually has nothing to show except for a couple of wall textures and unfinished assets.







As GameSpot's Mark Delaney put it, "As it stands, there is no meaningful proof that Abandoned exists in any real way."

It's not unheard of for games to experience the ill effects of an unclear creative vision. Notwithstanding, Kahraman's behavior has been exceptionally concerning even without getting into his erased tweets advancing the reports that Abandoned was subtly a Silent Hill game. The greater part of the available information comes from individuals from a private online chatroom who told stories of his dishonesty and erratic temperament changes. According to these sources, he dismissed potential colleagues as "scammers," attempted to seek after a romantic relationship with one gathering part, and made odd demands and propositions for employment.

Many sources portray a toxic local area where individuals were pressured to help the game while being punished for scrutinizing or asking questions. Kahraman also became paranoid after local area individuals reportedly leaked a portion of Abandoned's unfinished assets. Several chatroom individuals were asked to consent to questionable non-disclosure arrangements, which asked them for personal information and were notable for their lack of professional language.

Indeed, even Kahraman's studio, Blue Box, exists under a haze of doubt and contradictory information. He claims to have a team of about fifty individuals creating Abandoned. In any case, Blue Box's registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce just lists ten workers. The company also registered under a subsequent name, Pixel Molecule. Frankly, the story of Abandoned's advancement appears to have a greater number of twists and turns than the plot of an actual ghastliness game.