Access to Capital for Startups

CBinsights published a research Oct. last year “link to it is here” covering VC funding for startups in 8 different cities were 4 of them are in the US.

In this research they studied the probability of getting funded in these 8 cities throughout rounds of funding lifecycle of a startup in addition to the median rounds sizes in these cities among other things.

The probability chart is showing that NY is beating Silicon Valley as the easiest city to raise money from among these 8 cities. This can be attributed to the money supply and availability as it is the financial hub. China is amongst the most difficult ones.

However, China is beating both NY & SV in terms of money poured into these late rounds.

  • Boston
  • NY
  • SV
  • LA
  • Germany
  • UK
  • China
  • India

These data if presented raw could lead to a misleading judgment, however, if you look closely, you will see the total probability weighted dollar amount that goes to startups in all different funding rounds is still the highest in SV. Still the most successful startups mostly came from SV and this massive success attracts more capital into this ecosystem. If either NY, China, or any other startup hub continue producing massively successful exits, the equation will absolutely differ.

In conclusion, I believe that even with availability of money, only success will deliver more of it to startups.