Terms of Service

  • Commissions are in USD.

  • Commissions are in queue. You will get your turn.<br/>

  • As the artist, I reserve the right to refuse any request for whatever reason and add whatever work I wish to my portfolio (unless stated otherwise).

  • I will start working as soon I receive full payment..

✔️ I accept: Suggestive/borderline NSFW/gore/violence and anything not listed below.

❌ I refuse: NSFW, furry, muscles.

Please ask me first, as I may accept or refuse: Mecha and detailed armor.

For the Commissioner

Please make sure your requests are as concise as possible and include reference pictures if I do not know the character.

As the commissioner, you may:

  1. Set a deadline, but the minimum is one week.

  2. Negotiate the price for extra details.

  3. Remain anonymous when I post the commission publicly, or request your commission not be posted publicly.

  4. Upload commissions I have created for as long as I was credited and linked.

  5. Use commissions for personal uses, not profit.

  6. See the sketch before I proceed.


  1. Commissioners can receive a full refund if I haven't started on the commission at all.

  2. Commissioners may cancel commissions after I started but the refund amount will depend on how much I have completed. I will still send the incomplete art piece over.

  3. If I have completed the piece already, there are absolutely no refunds.