Did you know?

Fahad AlDaajani

You scattered all my cards

Every night I spruce them so you wake to the sweetest words

You scattered all my cards

But in your eyes my passion and in your lips my drowning

You scattered everything

Now nothing can help me flee the fire you set on me

The fire! What do you know about my fire? Your fire

The fire of your longing that warmed me

The fire that without it I’d lose my way

The fire that boils and eats me

Nothing can stay on fire for long, and I have waited so long

Love, when I loved you I didn’t know what could go wrong

Did you know? Did you know your silence is the dryness of my veins?

Have you heard? Have you heard that your absences are the greatest pains?

And that every goodbye is a shrinkage in my chest

I beg you love,

Don’t let me die slowly

Come back to me

Give me a hug and heal my wounds

Give me your kiss .. The kiss that is always another reborn