Benefits of Utilizing Online Appointment Booking for Hair Salon

In present times, technology has well and truly ingrained into our daily lives. From shopping for products to availing services, we’ve come to rely on technology like never before. So, what is it about technology that has made us adapt to it the way fish adapts to water? Well the answer is simple. Technology is fast, hassle free, accurate and most importantly takes away the pain of remembering everything from us. As a result, it comes as no surprise that world over, the beauty and wellness industry, and particularly salons are rapidly moving to adopt technology. The debate is no longer about whether or not to leverage technology, but about whether to use a legacy system or a cloud based online hair appointment booking system, and in this blog we help you decode the benefits that you can reap by deploying the latter system. 

Smart Schedule that yields higher revenue

Did you know that a hair salon online booking system can help you curate smart schedules for your salon, which will result in not only increasing your productivity but also your revenue? Some online hair appointment booking software such as the one from Zenoti comes with highly intuitive features that can be deployed to analyze your past sales data, to figure out the fast selling higher revenue offerings such that based on providers’ schedule the appointments calendar can push those services during peak hours and schedule lower revenue services during off-peak hours. As a result, you get more bucks for the same amount of time, and ensure that your team doesn’t spend work hours idling.

Reduced Work Load

An online salon software is designed to help your business by making it leaner and efficient. By now, we are all aware that running a salon involves juggling between many administrative tasks. Juggling between the administrative assignments means getting bogged down with mundane but essential work and loosing focus of other important tasks such as business strategy, marketing, and financial management. In present times, without automation one is bound to loose precious time that could be better utilized in increasing your revenues. Since inception of the transaction, i.e. accepting of booking to recording client feedback, the software automatically does it all in just a few clicks. By streamlining the process flow, the software eliminates the duplicity and redundancy in the processes.

Reduce Costs

Odd as it may appear but choosing an online software to run your salon will result in reducing your operational costs in both direct and indirect ways. A cloud based software works on subscription model, and that is substantially less than the one time cost of acquiring the software. Moreover, as all the upgrades to the software are done at the host end, you don’t have to pay for any of it. The plug and play design of the system further eliminates the need of maintain and upgrading IT infrastructure, and costs associated with upgrading of both the hardware and the software. Other direct reduction in costs comes from assistance in maintaining just adequate inventory levels, the improved employee productivity which is a direct outcome of automation of administrative processes. 

Data Accessibility

Using an online hair appointment booking system vastly improves the communication between you, your team and your clients.  By enabling your business to respond to requests 24x7x365, it accords the users the flexibility they seek. In an online hair appointment booking system, the data is being stored at a remote server. In order to access the data, and work with it all you need is a functional internet connection and a device. Clients get the freedom to execute bookings. Providers get to look up their work schedule to plan their day, review their earnings and performance, and you get to review your business.  The system accords the flexibility to accomplish all tasks irrespective of your location. 

Data Security

“The key to running and managing any business, especially a salon, is organization of daily business data.” Re-read the statement. In an industry, where competition is fierce and reputation is all, the subject of data security is one of prime importance. By choosing a cloud based system, you can put your worry about loss of data either due to hardware failure or act of theft to rest. Online hair appointment booking system such as Zenoti come with state of art features such as geo-fencing and role based data access. As a result both you, and your clients can be in complete peace of mind about the security of their personal information. 

Provide Excellent Experience

Clients, today, seek experience and each visit to the salon is a unique journey in its own capacity.  The hair salon online booking system enables you to consistently deliver a superior client experience. Since the time of first interaction with the business to book an appointment to providing post service feedback, the software drives the entire value chain in a highly efficient manner. One such example is the online hair appointment booking system from Zenoti, which comes with features such as single sign on experience which allows clients to book appointments, buy products and gift cards, review membership, redeem loyalty rewards, and settle payments in just a few clicks resulting in higher client satisfaction. 


Unlike the legacy system, an online hair appointment booking system is swift in adapting with the dynamically changing needs of the business. The scalability comes very handy when you are looking to expand operations and open new store locations. The software also you to create easy clone of existing set up and thus making your business ready to receive guests from day one. 

Over and above the listed benefits a hair salon online appointment booking software comes with host of additional features such as employee management, inventory management, payments and accounting, reporting and analytics, and marketing management, which if deployed correctly make the process of steering your business very easy.