5 Secrets Nobody Told You About Video Editing

With so many tools at our disposal, it’s never been easier to upload professional videos to promote our brands. Although, as you might have noticed not all content can be classified as high quality videos. There are some tips you should follow when using a video maker online, especially when you create your first video. Moreover, your video creator also allows you to add text to further enhance your message and highlight your call to action. 

5 Top Secrets to Support your Video Editing 

Most online video editor tools are intuitive to use with millions of video templates to choose from. Of course, you should customize them to suit your brand’s style. Nevertheless, it’s a neat way to avoid too much video editing. After all, most of us aren’t professional filmmakers and we’re simply trying to launch a killer marketing campaign with what we have at hand. 

1- Time to edit 

Can you believe that it takes between 1 and 1.5 hours to edit an online video? That’s why we now have online video makers. They help cut out a large chunk of that time. All you need to do is choose from the millions of video templates the one that you can customize with the right colors, fonts and text, including animated text. 

To make sure you optimize your video maker online, plan your video clips and make sure you structure your content around what your audience wants and needs. Video editing is then much easier because you’re more likely to get things right the first time. 

2- Rule of Thirds 

Before you make a video, consider this rule as non-negotiable. Essentially, to make stunning videos for your social media channels, imagine each image with a 3 by 3 box grid over it. Your subject matter needs to be either along the grid lines or at the intersection points. It’s a quick and easy way to ensure that everything is balanced and pleasing to the eye for when you work with your free video maker. 

3- Stories and music go hand in hand

When you edit videos, leave the audio till last. It sounds obvious but you want to limit the number of times you edit and delete and music can be a distraction when working with the images. 

Furthermore, you should check that when you create videos, they still work on mute. Not everyone watches with sound and nor can everyone hear audio. So, make captivating videos with beautiful images and just the right amount of text. Don’t forget people love stories so get creative and connect to people’s emotions with your story. 

4- It’s not about you, it’s about them 

The most important thing when you work with your online video maker is to focus on what the audience wants. For example, gifs and animated text might work for some people but perhaps not for your potential customers. It’s easy to get carried away with edits but make sure that each one adds value. 

5- Choose edits wisely 

Many beginner editors overdo the jump cut because it’s easy to do and you feel that you’re creating something professional. Sadly, it usually makes your content look jumpy and all over the place. It’s much better to limit your edits to adjusting color, brightness and adding music with some simple tidy-up trims. 

How a Video Maker Online Speeds Up the Process

Now that you have some tips for making your own video, how exactly does a video maker online make the whole editing process easier? 

  • Video templates 

  • Presets

  • Connects instantly to social media 

Video templates 

We’ve already mentioned templates which are essentially your ready-made videos for you to adjust and edit as you wish. You have unlimited access to millions of templates with the top video creator tools that you can easily search with your relevant keywords. 


Many online video editor tools have presets that provide you with the perfect balance of color, brightness and contrast for various effects. Play around with them to see which one best suits you and you’re bound to appreciate the time saved from editing yourself. 

Connects instantly to social media 

Social media platforms tend to have multiple formats for their images and videos. Naturally, a video editor tool allows you to adjust manually. Nevertheless, the top video maker online tools do this automatically for you by connecting straight to social media. You can simply download your clips with no in-between steps. 

Parting Words on Maximizing your Video Maker

The art of video editing is to get the overall impact across to people. That means getting the right combination of images, music and emotions so that people will remember your content. Working with a video maker online makes this whole process easier because you save time on editing. 

You also don’t have to have years of experience behind you. Instead, you can focus on your marketing plan and video script and get as many high quality videos onto social media as you can. That’s how you grow your brand awareness and call potential customers to your site. 

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