Encounters VIP

Whether you are an experienced lover or a first-timer, Encounters VIP provides you with an exceptional experience. These VIP experiences can be enjoyed by up to four people at once. It is a unique opportunity to interact with beautiful women in a safe environment. It is also a great way to find out more about the women who work at Encounters. In addition, the agency is committed to 100% against sexual exploitation of minors and sexual abuse of older adults. 


Guests can choose from a variety of animal encounters. They include kangaroo, sloth, and giraffe encounters. They are also offered in a pre-planned package, which may include a meal or beverage. The cost includes regular admission to the exhibit hall. Guests can also purchase a private animal encounter.


While animals are a great way to learn about the world, they can also be dangerous. Guests may need to stay under the supervision of a ranger during their encounter. Guests are not allowed to take photos while the experience is underway. A team member will be available to take photos for you as soon as you are safe.


Guests can also learn about the animal's habitat and care. Animals at Out of Africa include royal white Bengal tigers, a 5,000-pound southern white rhino, and many exotic neighbors. They also offer animal interaction experiences, where you can interact with animals from the park preserve and get to feed them. 

Age requirements

Getting an Encounters VIP pass has its pros and cons. You will have to fork out money for it, but in return, you will get access to several exclusives and perks. As a member, you'll enjoy free aquarium admission, and receive 10% off the price of any Encounters VIP ticket. You'll also get a free ticket to the zoo's animal habitats. The animal habitats are home to a variety of animals and are located in a secure facility, where visitors can get a closer look at some of the world's most majestic creatures. The aquarium also has several interactive exhibits that let guests experience the natural habitats of many species firsthand. You'll even get a chance to pet a few of the animals.


It's not hard to see why Encounters VIP is a perennial favorite for families looking to get out of the house during the warmer months. Not only are the animals awe-inspiring, but the staff is genuinely friendly.