AI App Development: How Much Does it Cost?

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, AI app development stands at the forefront, reshaping how we interact with software and facilitate business growth.  

Today, demand for AI applications has soared, pushing businesses to leverage the technology to gain a competitive edge. As a result, this technology has become a hallmark of innovation, bringing new life into many industries.

However, some people wonder: How much does AI app development cost? This is a common question that reflects the curiosity of businesses and entrepreneurs eager to harness AI power for their specific needs. 

In this blog, we'll dig into the details of how much it costs to develop an AI app. We'll explain what factors affect price in this ever-changing industry.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps

In the technological world, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a rapidly growing concept that streamlines tasks and brings superior results. Using AI, users can automate a variety of tasks and use the services at any time, thus enhancing their experience. 

AI can be employed across diverse industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, mechanical, and retail, to enhance device and service intelligence. The most remarkable aspect of AI apps is their ability to learn from user data, thereby creating algorithms that provide prompt, precise, and reliable responses.

What factors affect the cost of AI apps?

Developing an AI application involves a complex process, and understanding the elements that influence the pricing of such a project is crucial. Let’s figure it out:

  • Aspects and functions of the application

There are many different AI-powered apps on the market with various features and applications that are targeted at different users. The cost of developing them depends on what they do and how large they are. When budgets are tight, it is crucial to prioritize and determine what is most important.

  • Application complexity.

The complexity of an AI application must also be considered when assessing the costs associated with its development. When several third-party services are integrated into the application with intricate features, the development process will take more time, be more costly, and demand more resources.

  • AI App Design

Users must be able to easily access the various functions of the app using a user-friendly design. However, integrating animation, graphics, and an intuitive user interface into an application can be expensive. Thus, user interfaces should always be prioritized to retain users and never be compromised.

  • Platform choice

As you assess the cost of developing AI apps, it's important to choose the right platform to connect with your audience. There are millions of smartphone users worldwide who have access to Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. Because of this, the amount of expenses you may incur for AI app development may vary depending on which of these platforms you choose.

  • Tech stack

Several technologies are required to power apps and systems with AI, including programming languages, libraries, and frameworks. The integration of these technologies into the system requires both human and technical resources. Often, open-source tools are the most appropriate choice when developing an AI application. The technology stack used for the project will have a significant impact on its cost.

Breakdown of AI app development costs

Different industries have different tasks and ways of doing things, so AI apps differ accordingly. Here's a breakdown of the costs associated with AI app development based on an industry's specific needs:


Estimated Cost



Real Estate


Banking & Finance




AI app cost breakdown by category

The cost of AI app development can vary greatly depending on factors like the application category and features you want. Moreover, AI software can be used for a lot of different things. Here's a quick look at AI software development costs.

Application Type

Price estimate for app development

AI Chatbot

$20k - $35k

Machine learning AI Software

$40k - $55k

Speech recognition AI software

$25k - $40k

Telemedicine AI Software

$40k - $60k

Estimated costs for the AI development phase

When you hire mobile app developers to develop an AI app, the development team covers multiple phases. In these phases, the total cost of the project is divided by the resources needed. Here’s a quick estimation:

Development stage


Estimated Cost Range

Planning and Ideation

Developing the idea and scoping out the project.

$1k -$5k

UI/UX Designing

Creating user experiences and interfaces.

$4k -$15k

Front-end Development

Interactions, layouts, UI

$10k -$30k

Back-end development

Databases, servers, APIs, and apps

$30k -$80k

AI model development

Developing AI/ML capabilities

$20k -$90k

Integration and testing

Testing apps and quality control with AI capabilities

$10k -$35k

Deployment and launch

App deployment preparations for launch

$5k -$50k

Post-launch support

Bug fixes, updates, and user feedback

$15k -$50k

These estimated costs are just rough estimates and may vary depending on how complicated the app is, what technologies are used, and what the client needs.

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