Why is Esports Trending in Australia?

Experience the thrill of Esports, whether you enjoy competing video games or just want to watch them, as this industry is on the rise in Australia. Millions of people take part or watch esports tournaments and competitions around the country, while new innovations in game design are propelling this industry forward with exhilaration.

Esports trending in Australia is a rapidly developing industry in Australia and beyond, with gamers earning more than US$3 billion (A$4.1 billion) annually. This amount of money represents an impressive sum for such a young industry with great potential.

Gaming has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in Australia, with an estimated 3.5 million Aussies actively playing one or more of the games available on the market. This number is predicted to surpass 5.1 million by 2024, with an average Australian gamer age 35 years or older.

There are numerous reasons why esports is on the rise in Australia, such as

The Growth of Esports Betting in Australia

Esports betting has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years. With millions of dollars at stake, knowledgeable esports fans are now able to wager on their favorite matches - creating a lucrative business opportunity for gambling companies both locally and worldwide.

The esports industry is expected to experience further expansion in the coming years, with estimates ranging from US$1 billion to US$3 billion. This presents brands with a unique opportunity to get involved in this rapidly developing market and take advantage of its lucrative revenue streams.

Engaging with esports is an excellent way to engage with a new audience and increase brand awareness. A recent study revealed that brands involved in esports have seen an incredible spike in consideration and buzz. Furthermore, esports fans tend to recommend the brand they are associated with more frequently than non-gamers while being much more loyal overall.

Australia and Oceania have seen a resurgence of interest in various esports titles. Popular titles include first-person shooter games, battle royales, MOBA, sports, and many more.

Despite the rapid expansion of esports in Australia, there remain significant obstacles. Integrity issues like doping, exploitation, gender inequality, and harassment remain top concerns among gamers and fans alike.

As such, the industry needs to be strictly regulated and monitored. These steps could ensure esports is conducted fairly and ethically so players and viewers alike are treated fairly without being exploited or damaged.