The Best VPN for Windows: The 5 Products That Will Protect Your Privacy

Why is it Important to Use a VPN?

How a VPN Changes Your Online Life

What’s Different About the iTop Free VPN?

How To Get Your iTop VPN Account?

The iTop Free VPN Privacy Policy

Mac Private Network Connection

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What’s different about the iTop Free VPN?

The Best, Affordable, Free VPN for Windows! iTopVPN is proud to provide the best free VPN for windows available on the net. We work hard to keep the price low and are proud to offer truly unlimited free usage.

What Kind of VPN is Best for You?

Note: this article was originally published in August 2014, but a lot has changed in terms of technologies, privacy, etc. since then. We have updated our version of this article to keep it up to date.

We have gone through thousands of VPN comparison articles to bring you this list. But this article, and the article below it, only serve as guidelines.

We won’t have enough room in our review to fully explain the differences between all the different VPN services. If you are a specialist who wants to know about the importance of encryption and need a full explanation, or if you are a regular user who just wants to be aware of the products available, you may be better off reading a guide from reliable resources such as SpeedHunter.

The iTop VPN Free Plan

The iTop VPN Free plan offers unlimited bandwidth, bypasses all country restrictions and provides access to a wide range of online content, including Netflix.

What Is The Main Difference Between The Plans?

The iTop VPN for Windows Free Plan has unlimited bandwidth, bypasses all country restrictions and provides access to a wide range of online content, including Netflix.

The iTop VPN Standard Plan is comparable to the iTop VPN Premium Plan as it offers a 50 GB bandwidth limit per month and provides access to just more than 60 online services like Netflix, Hulu and Sky, and also FTP. With the iTop VPN Standard plan, there’s also the possibility to link your email account for additional protection.

The iTop VPN Premium Plan is where you’ll find the real deal.


Privacy and security, that’s what we’re all fighting for. Now, we know how you feel, we were once in your shoes. And with a VPN, you’ll find your own happy ending.

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Android users can now buy various daily use apps in the Play Store that not only improve the overall user experience but also save them a huge amount of time and effort. All these apps are also completely free.

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