Important points when buying a metal detector

When buying a metal detector, we must note that we are faced with various factors that we must pay attention to.

  Important points in knowing the types of metal detectors

TR, satellite, laser, camera, VLF, GPR and pulse metal detectors are among its types, each of which has its own application and capabilities.

Before buying a metal detector (خرید فلزیاب ), carefully examine the metal detector online sales sites and the types of products and information included in each and compare them. For example, the VLF metal detector is responsive up to a depth of one meter, while more powerful metal detectors can detect up to a depth of 7 meters. Here you might say that buying a metal detector with a depth of 5 meters and even more is definitely associated with an exorbitant price; But if you consult an expert or ask to buy from reputable sellers, you can definitely get a powerful metal detector at an affordable price.

Introduction of widely used metal detectors

Cheap and powerful vlf metal detector

In the review of different metal detectors, the VLF metal detector is known as the cheapest device. VLF metal detectors, as the simplest devices, are very widely used at depths of one meter, the equipment of this device consists of two separate coils and has a high power in detecting all types of metals and separating them. This device has a high capability in field explorations; But due to the fact that it has a very low penetrating power, it is often introduced as a recreational metal detector (فلزیاب ).

Pulse metal detector Pl

This metal detector or treasure detector (گنج یاب) is also one of the other high-quality and powerful advanced devices that are often used at depths above 3 meters.

Unlike VLF metal detectors, pulsed devices have higher power and are used in industrial, archaeological, geological, etc. projects; But note that this model of metal detectors does not have the power to separate metals and may confuse you during work.

Video metal detectors

It is a type of metal detector that has the ability to scan and provide an image of the desired metal, although this photo is not the real shape and you can trust this photo about 60%. This type of metal detector has a magnetometer sensor and works based on the magnetic field, and the maximum depth of this type of metal detector is 15 meters, after scanning the desired area, the depth and volume of the metal can be easily obtained.

Frequency metal detectors

Although frequency metal detectors are not included in the category of cheap and powerful metal detectors, they may sometimes be sold at exorbitant prices in the market; But in terms of efficiency, they are considered one of the best and most popular gold detectors (طلایاب ).

Frequency devices work based on the absorption and induction frequency system and are introduced as one of the most powerful devices in detecting and separating all types of metals.

Frequency metal detectors have different types and are usually classified into two big categories: thermal and radar devices.

You can use all types of these devices in different operational projects; But note that each type of model of this device has its own capabilities and capabilities, and it is better to consult an expert in order to make a cost-effective purchase.

To buy a metal detector, you should pay attention to these points:

1- Don't look for a brand.
Unlike other devices, metal detectors will show their effectiveness in any weather conditions. Many metal detectors with reliable brands that are made in the world cannot be used in many countries due to changes in weather conditions;

Therefore, instead of checking the brands, pay attention to the technology and features of the product listed in the catalog and buy from reputable stores.

2- Pay attention to the efficiency of the device:
The efficiency of metal detectors in the first place is more important than its other cases. A metal detector purchase device may have a super professional appearance

But due to the lack of necessary quality, it cannot be effective in finding all kinds of metals and it is better to be used more for education.

3- Pay attention to the educational tips before buying.
In most metal detectors, it is enough to turn them on and move back and forth on the desired parts so that it finds the desired metal and, as a result, emits an alarm sound.

Before buying a cheap metal detector, ask the seller questions about how to turn it on, work with the screen and move, and be sure to test the device in front of him once.

4- Ask your friends

A metal detector is not a device that everyone knows about. Since these devices have a specific use, if you intend to use them once, you can borrow them from your friends or acquaintances. Anyway, before buying from a friend or a person who deals with metal detectors, ask questions about these devices and reputable domestic manufacturing companies, and it is even recommended that you go to the market with them to buy a cheap metal detector.

5. You can buy it second hand.
The price of a second-hand metal detector (قیمت فلزیاب ) is usually half of the new price of the same device.

Be sure to test all types of gold detectors before buying, due to the difference in performance and price, and have enough information about the performance of the device and ask the seller to allow you to test the device.