Twitter Modeling

Elaaf Salem Alsaddie


Haya Abdullah Alhazzani


Use Case Diagram

First, we referred to Twitter web client to discover the options available when composing a tweet.

Then, we looked at some popular third-party apps for twitter to get inspirations for good new features. We thought our app should include the tweet scheduling option that TweetDeck has.

In addition to that feature, we added an option for editing a tweet. A tweet can only be edited by the same account that posted it. This option comes with a time constraint; the user cannot edit that tweet after 12h from posting it.

Use case diagram

Sequence Diagram

We chose Compose a Tweet as our main scenario,

1- To compose a tweet the user must click the button Tweet.

2- A “Compose a tweet” view will appear, then the user will write the tweet, add any media, GIFs, emojis or polls. Meanwhile, the system will calculate the characters to ensure that the characters limit is not exceeded.

3- The user click Tweet to post the tweet, or Cancel to discard the tweet.

Class Diagram

State Chart Diagram