Eco Heat Reviews: Is It A Scam?

Eco Heat is the brand name of a number of movable ceramic space heaters that are being heavily promoted on a number of websites.

The makers make big promises about the unit's benefits and abilities. For example, they say that their heater uses 30% less energy than other heaters.

Affiliate marketers are also pushing the Eco Heat Heater hard because the sellers are paying them a lot of money to do so.

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In what way does EcoHeat say it works?

The seller says that the Eco Heat heater heats rooms using new PTC Ceramic Technology, which speeds up heating and spreads heat more efficiently, which lowers customers' energy costs.

They also say the unit is small, light, and quiet, unlike other portable heaters that make annoying noises as they heat up. However, they say it still has a strong heating effect while using less energy.

It's only 500 Watts, which is less than the power of most industrial space heaters, according to the specs.

Its ability to save energy and its safety feature that turns it off by itself may be the two most important ones.

You can save money with the energy saver, and you can't stress enough how important the safety feature is, since portable space heaters are dangerous and cause many house fires.

This product sounds like a dream at first glance—it says it can keep your home warm and cozy without making your energy bill too high.

The Eco Heat Heater is probably not a real product, since it is hard to find solid information about who made it.

It's not possible for us to suggest this product, but it shouldn't be hard to find the right space heater if you know what kind you want.

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Is EcoHeat a fake?

Several companies make heaters that are the same or very close to the Eco Heat but have different names.

We've already talked about the Alpha Heater and the Heat Wave Pro as examples.

To make money, these businesses buy cheap heaters in bulk from China, rename them, and use smart marketing to get people to buy them.

People who sell these heaters hope that people won't look into them or read reviews online.

People who take the time to look into this product can find unbranded copies (or very similar ones) for much less money on sites like Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce site.  

Also, that's where we can see that the general heater that looks just like the Eco Heat is only using 350 watts. 

For low temperatures, most current space heaters use 650 watts, and for high temperatures, they use 1,500 watts.

So it's safe to say that the Eco Heat S doesn't have nearly enough power.

Customer Feedback and Complaints

On their website, you can read good reviews from customers about the Eco Heat, but that's the only place you can find them.

Since the Eco Heat is the new name for this ceramic heater, there isn't a lot of online comments for this company. 

But many customers have bad things to say about other goods that are almost exactly the same, like the Alpha Heater and the Amper Heater.

Some customers said the units were broken and stopped working after only a few uses.  Some people had trouble with the power plugs falling out of the outlets.

Customers mostly thought the unit didn't heat their homes well enough to be worth the price.

Help with Customers

The product is offered on a lot of websites that look alike, making it hard to find information about this business.

According to the return policy, if you are unhappy with your heater within 90 days of purchase, the company will give you your money back.

Although this is a nice refund policy, it is hard to tell if they will actually follow it because there isn't much information available about the Eco Heat.

The company doesn't have a BBB or other business page that would help us learn more about their customer service.

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Competitors and Other Options

It's always best to stick with well-known names that have been making these kinds of items for a long time.  If you buy a cheap heater, it might not work right and could even be dangerous if it does.

The Eco Heat isn't one of the best ceramic heaters on the market. The Lasko and Vornado models are both more powerful and last longer.  

You can also get these choices from big stores that have a history of making customers happy.

One common choice is the Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater. 

A top pick in the New York Times and an Amazon's choice pick, this heater is both efficient and powerful.  The price is fair, and it has the newest safety and comfort features.

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In Short

Nearly a third of all energy bills in the U.S. are spent on heating.  That is, the average American family spends more than $800 a year to heat their home

This makes sense for why the idea of a home heater that uses less energy would be so appealing.

We can't suggest the Eco Heat S heater, though, because it's hard to find information about it.  We think you should not buy this and instead look for another way to stay warm this winter.

Please leave your thoughts about the Eco Heat heater below if you have used it.

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