Hitting the restart button

To say that I am new to blogging would be a lie. I originally started writing for my friends and family on the industry ‘disruptor’ medium. This was until I felt the platform lost its way trying to monetise rather than provide tools for writers. So here I am, relaunching myself on caramel.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” 


So what can you expect?

Well I love economics and helping people. I think that certain aspects of the subject satisfy this equation though many argue that this is an ever diverging gap. There is the obvious such as personal finance but I like to think outside of the box and delve into unorthodox questions and explain them using economics and other social sciences.

In addition to this I have started to teach myself photography so will be posting some collections in the near future with the aim of collaborating with friends and researching iconic lens masters of the past.

For now all I can guarantee is that I wont be consistent and I might not be the best blogger you have heard about but I am eager to learn and develop. So, if you don’t take solace from my cr*p writing style you can at least watch me evolve into someone great, somewhere amazing doing something extraordinary!

Hasan A