The Little Blackouts

In down times we try to recall some of our best memories or some of our special moments to encourage positivity. During curfew we have plenty of time to do that. The first time you got a new car or the first time you met your significant other .. etc.  You are still trying vigorously to remember how you felt and remember every detail of it. The rising issue here is that sometimes we fail to reach out to the bottom of those moments. We’re seemingly to forget what we once thought would be unforgettable!

Do you ever feel that you want to slow down time? I do. Sometimes we feel like we’re trapped in a fast pace and not living to the fullest mentally and physically enough. What is driving us away from being fully present? We are dealing with an aberrant change in our life in many ways, such as commuting daily by cars instead of walking or using calculators and computers to solve problems that can actually be solved by our brain otherwise. Step by step we are not relying on our senses. We even let music turn-on our feelings ! Once we get used to this lifestyle, we will slowly lose touch with our natural senses gradually. And that will result in a weaker memory eventually.

Living in a world at such speed can deviate us from living the moment to the fullest. How can we protect ourselves from being deviated? The balance is a major key. Not relying on the internet to navigate information or locations. Let’s rely on books and paper maps every once in a while  for a change or even take directions from a stranger on the way! Do not  fully rely on calculators and computers. Put some effort into things, take risks, it’s worthwhile. Tell your beloved ones about your feelings, but don’t do it over the phone. When you feel talking  to someone, ask them to meet with you in person. Don’t always rely on texts or emails, use handwritten letters for a change at least once in a while. Give enough stretch of your time and effort and then the balance will occur and those moments will more likely last in your memory.

Here are some further self discipline might spark your interest which haven’t been proven scientifically:

- Do not fully rely on social media  to connect with people.

-When traveling to a distention, try driving instead of flying.

- Try documenting your memories by writing them.

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Nevertheless, we need to take some measures to get in touch with our senses, now more than ever. It means today we must not take the shortcut which is not easy in a world that uses shortcut and intelligence very often in a one sentence. Only then can we appreciate and recognize the value of everything we do and experience because we invested efforts whereas we could have gotten things done by other easier means, but we voluntarily chose not to! Thank you for reading ‘til here.