One Piece Odyssey Will Be More Like a JRPG Than Other Series Games

It seems the enhanced One Piece Odyssey game will resemble traditional JRPGs more so than any other game based on the IP, as revealed by the title's website. One Piece computer games vary in style, and while the following adventure of the Straw Hats has previously teased some of its story and gameplay, a lot is still unknown. One Piece has had a number of games to its name, and One Piece Odyssey looks like the JRPG fans have been waiting for.

Announced this past March, One Piece Odyssey is a pretending game created by ILCA, Inc. One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his group, the Straw Hat Pirates, in their search for the ultimate treasure called the One Piece. In Odyssey, Luffy and the Straw Hats are marooned and separated on the mysterious Waffle Island during a chaotic sea storm. They must investigate and engage with the locals to survive enough to set sail again. During the game's official reveal, series creator Eiichiro Oda set fans' hopes high after comparing One Piece Odyssey to a film.

The official website for One Piece Odyssey has offered further news on the upcoming game via an update (via Kotaku). New screenshots detail a classic turn-based JRPG combat system, rather than the typical RPG gameplay many may have anticipated. The battlefield positioning of a player's party members will factor heavily into determining the effectiveness of their party member's abilities. Furthermore, meeting certain conditions in battle will open Kizuna arts, allowing for super team-up moves. The website also explores events described as Dramatic scenes. These seemingly-random events happen during battles and will be "extraordinary to One Piece." While their implementation is unknown, getting through them will net the player "a major bonus."

Of course, combat is not the main thing the Straw Hats will face on Waffle Island, as One Piece Odyssey features a completely explorable island packed with engaging NPCs and puzzles. The website details two NPCs: Adio, the player's manual for Waffle Island, and Lim, a kid who has disdain for pirates and the Straw Hat group. Speaking of the team, each Straw Hat will have one of a kind ways to interact with the universe of One Piece Odyssey providing profundity to exploration and puzzle-solving.

One Piece has tried different things with many different gameplay genres throughout the long term. It has dabbled in fighting games, action-adventure games, and a musou action created by Dynasty Warriors designer Omega Force. There's even another game coming this year, with the One Piece card game launching in 2022. One Piece Odyssey seems to have a lot higher ambitions in providing a robust combat system and an immersive world for players to investigate. With pirating and high seas hijinx at the center of One Piece, a sandbox exploration adventure seems like a logical decision.

One Piece Odyssey is shaping up to be one of the most inside and out shonen-based games to date. Its massive attention to the world and its ecosystem is impressive and looks as immersive as some of its other open-world peers. Shonen-themed games rarely go beyond depicting the legendary fights they are famous for, however most are incredibly tomfoolery and faithful to what they represent. It'll be interesting to investigate and engage in a full shonen world for once, rather than solely punch and blast through it.