Bloober Team's Blair Witch Could Have Been a Saw Game

According to Bloober Team's CEO, Piotr Babieno, the studio chose to foster a Blair Witch game instead of delivering a title based on the Saw franchise. Bloober Team released Blair Witch on PC and Xbox One to ordinary survey scores in 2019, then ported the survival awfulness experience to PS4 and Nintendo Switch several months thereafter. Set several years after the events of the groundbreaking thriller The Blair Witch Project, Bloober's adventure places players in the boots of Ellis Lynch, an ex-cop who joins the search in a forest for a missing kid.

The first-person title limits the player's ability to battle for themselves, primarily furnishing Ellis with a flashlight, telephone, and camera. A previous police canine, Bullet, tags along as well, responding to a variety of commands to assist Ellis as he continued looking for the missing kid. While an interesting encounter loaded with smart ideas, Bloober's take on Blair Witch ultimately came up short with respect to its execution. Critics and players alike were especially put off by many of the title's half-baked gameplay mechanics, some of which spun around the rough implementation of Bullet's skillset.

Speaking at the Digital Dragons games meeting in Poland (via IGN), Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno revealed that film studio Lionsgate approached the team, presumably between the releases of Layers of Fear and Observer, to discuss the possibility of uniting for a licensed game. Impressed by Layers of Fear and Bloober's efforts on Observer, Lionsgate advised the studio to choose one of its shock IPs to foster a computer game adaptation. According to Babieno, "we could [have chosen] Saw, which is more popular than Blair Witch, however we chose to take Blair Witch because the universe has many opportunities to assemble something new."

The leader noticed that other licensed-based opportunities have sprung up since the group closed the book on Blair Witch. Notwithstanding, Bloober Team has turned down such offers to instead focus on different works-in-progress.

And, apparently, the Kraków-headquartered studio has something like three unique games being developed at present.

Notably, the team is creating one such endeavor related to Konami, a fact that gives some trustworthiness to progressing rumors about Bloober potentially dealing with a Silent Hill title. Another undertaking will come as another IP with Outer Worlds publisher Private Division. The third game constitutes another Layers of Fear adventure, which should launch sometime this year.