No wonder, yes… Signal's scriptwriter is the author of the 3 Days drama (the one with Park Yoo Chun) so the reliability of the crime genre has been proven. While the director is the same person who handled Misaeng , so don't be surprised if the level of detail is clearly above average.

Another element that is a plus for this drama is that the cases are inspired by real events that actually caused a stir in South Korea. One of the major cases that has not been revealed to this day is the case of ten women who were murdered and raped in the period 1986-1991 which occurred in Hwaseong city, Gyeonggi region. The case, which was later dubbed Hwaseong Serial Murders , was discussed in the film Memories of Murder (2003) which was directed by Boon Joon Ho (who made Snowpiercer), then inspired the drama Gap-dong (2014, where Lee Joon is you know), then mentioned again in the Signal drama that we're discussing.

Even though there are no gory scenes that are too late (mostly stuck in the skull with bruises but not often), and there is no action that is too cruel like The Raid, the psychology of the characters (especially for the criminals) is quite scary and that's why I recommend this drama not Watched for minors and teenagers.

The signal is dark, dark. It's heartbreaking to watch this. Sometimes I cry seeing the main character, cry at the victim, until I get angry but sad to see the perpetrators. I don't understand how anymore. But in the midst of the darkness it brought, Signal still managed to insert hope with the presence of the main characters who never gave up on uncovering the truth (but still logical and human), especially the character Lee Jae Han, played by Cho Jin Woong . I swear, it's okay to not be as cool as other actors who are younger and seem to have more treatment (or surgery), but the acting here is really good. I didn't expect it because I've seen Cho Jin Woong in the drama The Full Sun (2014) before , but it's not as bad as this, it's cool~

Kim Hye Soo is also here playing well. But the thing that wowed me the most was how fit and beautiful Ms. Hye Soo was even though she checked on the wiki she was already 45. Her character (Cha Soo Hyun) was told that she was involved in romance with Lee Jae Han and that was for some reason very sweet (but not cheesy). This is the first time that I'm a fan of the same partner, age 4 =)).

And the third and youngest main character is Hae Young, played by Lee Je Hoon. Which is a bit of a sudden prestige with Cho Jin Woong, but it's still pretty good. Handsome and special speaking style ^^

Everything is cool, everyone likes it, but one thing that makes me cry a little bit is the last scene at the end which really makes my heart swell with curiosity . It's satisfying until the end, I already know where the plot is leaning, but there's only one scene left, one scene that I hoped for, but the creative team didn't give it to me. *SPOILER ALERT, avoid blue* I WANT TO SEE CHA SO HYUN AND HAE YOUNG MEET LEE JAE HAN REALLY FIRST, I'M SATISFIED ONLY *NOT SANTE* *END OF SPOILER*

Well, I heard that the creative team is actually considering season 2, but they really want to think about it so that season 2 is still good and can still use the Lee Je Hoon-Cho Jin Woong-Kim Hye Soo formula. I have mixed feelings, on the one hand, I'm really excited if there's a season 2, but on the other hand, I'm a bit reluctant if it won't be as good as season 1. It's like, if I may choose, I prefer Signal to be remembered as it is now.

*buffy fans*

I want to say more, because Signal does contain more than just a crime drama, but apart from running out of words to express how memorable this drama is to me, I don't want any further spoilers than this. If you're interested, it's better to watch it live, then let's gossip together. Hihihi.

As a bonus as well as closing, I present one of the ost songs that is often accompanied by teary eyes and a choked throat because it usually accompanies the ending of this drama, The One Who Will Leave – INKII (잉키).

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