The opportunity

There is no well done Crypto exchange in All over Middle East and North Africa region, which is one of the most important economic regions in the world and the most abundant in money per capita.

And by studying the gulf market we realized in order for a crypto exchange to succeed, it needs a combination between a well-established crypto exchange like with local expertise can cross over other fails and approaching potential local consumers.

See how we did it
Who are we?

- A mixed team of technical and business entrepreneurs, who are young and passionate about localising Crypto/Blockchain knowledge and culture in the MENA region and in the Arabian Gulf countries in particular. For this reason we aim to partner with well-established exchanges from all over the world.

Our Deal

Crypto exchanges and cryptocurrency in general is very weak in our region. Although, there are a couple of new exchanges opening in Bahrain and UAE, they all lack of

· Liquidity

· High fees

· Poor UI/UX

· Lack of understanding of the GCC investor’s needs

· Bad marketing strategies

· Not having the right connections with the locals and government agencies
· Poor customer service

. Lack of market knowledge

· Don’t have real believe about Crypto

· Bad managing for their communities

· Don’t have a strong vision for their future
· No road map
· No plans to expand into other markets

We Can Make It Because

  • We have the best connections on the region.

  • Team members are managing the biggest Crypto community for Arab speakers.

  • We manage private group which has many leaders in the Blockchain and Crypto field in the region which includes government officials ,central banks and founders from every local Crypto exchange.

  • We have the ability to leverage our large network of investors and traders in the region to bring them to us.

  • A trusted face in the Arab crypto community will help the potential users feel safe trading in our platform.

  • Our unique marketing strategy specifically for Arabian Gulf countries crypto community will have a greater chance of reaching more users than other competitors.

  • A strong goal oriented team located between Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Australia, (By using the underlying technology of Bitfinex exchange) our team is ready to start building the future exchange that fixes traders’s problems in the Arab World.

Why other exchanges fail here

  • Most other exchanges who come to the Gulf countries fails because of not having local founders .

  • the lack of culture awareness result in using the wrong marketing strategies.

But in our team’s belief, the biggest reason is

  • Failing to build a trust relationship with local governments and corporations which result in slowing the growth of the exchanges

  • From our connection with the founders for the local Crypto exchanges, we know that they have poor technical teams and they have many conflicts between the founders

Our plans to expand into other financial markets

From our long experience and knowledge in the local financial markets we know there aren’t any online exchange that have good UX/UI. So the opportunity is huge,  specifically that we have the right connections in this field which will give us couple years ahead of our competitors.

On behalf of EOS_Arabia team, we thank you for taking the time to read our profile

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to email us