Higher than the sky T01: Immerse yourself in post-war Japan!

After discovering a Tokyo red light district through Roppongi's Cop , this time we invite you to discover post-war Japan ravaged by flames in Higher Than Heaven .

Higher Than Heaven is a three-volume series by Ishikawa Saburo. Published between 2017 and 2018 in France by Black Box Edition , the series has been available since 1995 in Japan.

“March 10, 1945. Tokyo is bombed by the US military. The air raid which decided the defeat of Japan left between eighty and one hundred thousand dead. The city is completely destroyed by explosions and fires. The vast blue sky contrasts with the rubble. The survivors wander among the ruins. Immerse yourself in this romantic story that follows the lives of eight orphans in the post-war turmoil. "

A post-war Japan!

Higher than the sky takes us to a Japan in the grip of despair, famine and epidemics. Indeed, the story begins on March 10, 1945, when the city of Tokyo was bombed. We then follow eight orphans who will do anything to survive.

The author plunges us into the atmosphere of the series from the first pages since we discover with horror the chaos of the bombardment. We discover one of our orphans fleeing the bombing with his mother. Unfortunately, the latter sacrifices herself to save her son. The representation of this scene is particularly touching. Indeed, the graphics plunge us into this district of Tokyo ravaged by flames and the reactions of the characters gave us, we must admit, goosebumps.

From the start, the author plays with your emotions and encourages you to discover the complicated daily life of the survivors. However, many series talking about this period are on a rather "sad" register. However, in Higher than the sky , it is not at all the first emotion. Indeed, the manga is rather focused on happiness and the positive. It's quite astonishing given the dark times in which we are immersed. We remind you, thousands of deaths are to be deplored, famines and epidemics are also part of the game. But in this first volume, we follow orphans who arrive at all costs to survive and take advantage of the little pleasures available to them. It makes you think, we assure you.

We do not yet know how the next two volumes will evolve, but the introduction of new characters just as interesting as those already present seem to announce twists, action and emotion.

All the “thugs” that we follow are therefore orphans. In their adventures, they will meet a young mother and her daughter who, like them, are in misery. Throughout their adventures, our orphans will do everything possible to help this family get out of it, so that it does not spend the winter in the cold and sinister undergrounds of Tokyo.

Our thugs call this woman "The mother" and the latter's daughter calls our vagabonds "big brothers". Despite the hell of the situation, the orphans have not lost their humanity and are doing everything possible to save a child who still has his mother. This humanity is very appreciable and we hope that their future will be brighter.

In addition, we must admit that our characters are very endearing. Whether by their situation (loss of their family) or by their personality, following the adventures of our eight vagabonds is a real pleasure. Indeed, the author gave them a nickname in connection with their old life or their personality (as for Nico who smokes cigarettes, "nicotine"). These little details help make these characters attractive and unique. In addition, as and when their adventures, we discover a little more their character or their talents.

However, some characters seem to have a past to shy away from, outside of the bombing. This adds a new dimension to the series and makes it all the more intriguing.

Historical references!

One of the strengths of this first volume is that the author mixes both story and historical facts. Indeed, Ishikawa Saburo guides us in time with historical landmarks. Precise dates are cited and allow the reader to discover Japanese history and to situate himself in an era in full change. For example, a very important date is given at the beginning of the volume, August 15, 1945, the date on which Japan surrenders unconditionally to the Allied forces.

However, unlike certain very precise historical series, which drown the reader under a flood of information, the author of Higher than the sky knew how to gauge the important information and gives only what is necessary to understand and enjoy the story.

Plus haut que le ciel volume 1 is a quality work that will immerse you in a story mixing action, emotion and historical facts. This first volume has everything you need to please you, a quality storyline, successful graphics and endearing characters. We can not advise you too much to discover this series as soon as possible.

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