What Is A Topic Sentence And How To Write It?

Are you supposed to write another essay for class?

Did your professor tell you to focus on writing interesting topic sentences?

Are you wondering what that is, whether it is the topic of the essay?

Well, a topic sentence isn’t the topic of your essay. It is the opening sentence of the body paragraph. If you do not have experience in writing you can take help from the essay writer ask him to write my paper.

A topic sentence is similar to a movie trailer that highlights the main points of the movie before you actually watch the movie. Similarly, a topic sentence presents a summary of the main points discussed in the particular body paragraph.

It is used to attract the reader’s attention and inform them about the ideas discussed in the following paragraph. It also helps identify the beginning of the new body paragraph.

It is similar to a thesis statement that covers the main points of the overall paper and highlights its purpose - a topic sentence does that for a paragraph. 

Since it covers up the entire idea of each paragraph and the first sentence that your reader sees, it is important that it is well-crafted. Don’t think of it as a few lines that highlight certain points discussed in the body paragraphs. They have a purpose to serve; therefore, you must write it carefully. Are you a high school or college student looking for professional and legit paper writing services for your academic papers? ThePaperWritingService is the answer for you.

Here’s what you must keep in mind when crafting a topic sentence:

Use simple and easy to understand language. You don’t want the reader to get confused by the very first line and lose interest in your paper. Make sure that the language is clear.

Avoid starting the paragraph with phrases such as “In this paragraph, I have discussed…..”

Although with a topic sentence, you are announcing what the paragraph is about, you should avoid making it sound like an announcement. Start it naturally and encapsulate the entire idea of the following section. If you have an assignment deadline and you can not manage to work you should know about the best paper writing service they will help you to write your paper.

Make sure the topic sentence refers back to the thesis statement and helps support it. The purpose of the body is to discuss and justify the claim presented in the thesis statement. So make sure that you don’t drift from it.

Discuss a separate idea in each body paragraph. This way, it gets easier for the reader to understand as you discuss each point in detail.

Don’t make the topic sentence too unrealistic; whatever you say must be explained and proven right in the paragraph itself.

When writing a topic sentence, remember that it serves as a transition to the new paragraph. So make sure that it doesn’t sound too abrupt. The overall flow of the essay should be logical and smooth.

Another trick to come up with a strong topic sentence is to brainstorm and jot down ideas relevant to your thesis statement. Once you’re done with that, prioritize these ideas and then incorporate them into the body of your essay accordingly.

If you are still not sure about writing a good topic sentence, there’s no need to panic as expert help is easily available. Look for a reliable paper writing service to get quality content by experts.

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