Nano Degree

Digital Marketing

After analyzing my strengths, interests, nature of my training and educational track, aptitude and final professional ambition, I have personally decided to pursue the Digital Marketing Nano Degree course provided by Misk Foundation in partnership with Udacity. My great interest in the field of marketing and business can be noticed from my work career, as I own a master qualification and interested to learn more.

Due to the quality educational certificates I hold, I was able to be employed in great organizations, where I was able to utilize my theoretical knowledge in a better way. Because of that and with the help of Misk & Udacity, I was privilege to receive a great opportunity to start my first course in the digital marketing field.

Digital Marketing is an emerging field that is of great market value in the recent years. Fortunately, I have extensive knowledge in the field of marketing in general, but I have not had the chance to explore the digital marketing in details. Until one day, I have been accepted to the Digital Marketing Nano Degree from Udacity. The great thing about the Udacity program is that it provides you with best practices and examples from big corporations around the world.

The Digital Marketing Nano Degree is not only theoretical program, but also has practical projects, which at the end of this course will prepare a person to find and make a new profession out of it. In addition to the great design of the course, Udacity has complemented their program with weekly meeting sessions and a specific mentor for small groups. Hence, as a participant in this course, you would not feel lost; in fact, you can handle and learn every single parts, submit your projects with ease.

Who needs Digital Marketing, Everyone

Finally, I hope to finish this course and get ready to start a new adventure in the field of digital marketing. I will be working hard to work for large or small firms or even as a freelance to use the knowledge gained from Udacity’s digital marketing Nano degree.