Patrachar Vidyalaya CBSE Open school Nios admission 2022-2023 Delhi

Patrachar Vidyalaya CBSE Open school Nios board admission 2022-2023 Delhi

Education plays a significant role in every human life. In India, students can join the CBSE schools or State board schools to complete school education. Both Private schools and Government schools are working under the guidelines and guidance of the central government and state governments for school education in India.

Students have to achieve in the first phase the primary school education, which is eight classes. After this, students are enrolled for secondary school courses, class 9th, and 10th. After completing these secondary school courses successfully, students are awarded a secondary school passing certificate by the CBSE board or state board.

After completing the second phase, the students enroll in senior secondary courses class 11th and 12th. After qualifying for the board exams of Class 12th, students are awarded the senior school certificates, and then these students can apply for degree courses. But what happens if a student cannot qualify for any exam or leaves the school education for any reason. All these unsuccessful students are not allowed to re-enter the schools, and it is difficult for them to complete the school education.

The government of India has Started other schemes for these school fail and school dropout students. These students can once again join the school education vis following distance Education courses

Students can join the following Courses for direct CBSE Admission for Class 10th 12th subject to some eligibility Conditions.

·      Patrachar Vidyalaya Admission class 10th 12th where the students without any formal education can apply for class 10th admission if they are of the age of 14 years. 10th class pass students can apply for direct 12th admission after one year gap.

·      CBSE Open school admission Class 10th 12th is another way to join the CBSE Courses for 10th 12th. Here the students need not to attend the regular schooling and they can study at home and can appear in the CBSE board public exam for class 10th 12th

·      CBSE Private candidate Admission 10th 12th for first time board exams appearing female students and for 10th 12th fail or compartment students of CBSE board. All these students can apply for CBSE Private candidate admission via CBSE Private forms.

·      CBSE Improvement Exam for students who appeared for CBSE board exams last year but are not satisfied with the result. These students can once gain apply for class 10th or class 12th Improvement exam via CBSE Improvement exam Form to Improve their Previous marks.

·      CBSE Patrachar admission for Class 10th 12th for students fail in class 9th or class 11th. These students can apply for Direct CBSE Patrachar 10th admission or CBSE Patrachar 12th admission subject to some eligibility conditions and can continue school education.

·      Nios Admission For class 10th 12th for students who want to join the National Open school to complete school education. This is the best option as the students can appear in exams when they are prepared for exam. CBSE and other board fail students can apply for admission under scheme of credit transfer and can appear only in fail subjects.