Lesson One
Be - Present Tense

Subject + verb

  • Singular

I am

You are

He is

She is

It is

  • Plural

We are

You are

They are

Write in your notebook.

Subjects: I, you, he, she, it, we, and they.

"You" is singular or plural.

After the subject, the verb "be" changes to am, is, or are.

I am a teacher

You are a student.

He is a man.

She is a woman.

It is an apple.

We are people



I + you = we

You are students.

They are workers.

The verb "be" is the most important verb to learn in English. It's also the most complicated. In the present tense it has three forms: am, is, are. In the past tense, it has two forms: was and were. The verb "be" is also used to make the passive voice.