Marketing ; the start of a journey

Since a I decided to work on my startup Mazoom (an online platform for managing events invitations, I used my close network to test and market my platform. And we have managed to do some great invitations through the platform. But to meet the objectives of the business we had to reach a bigger audience to market the service, something that has been a struggle so far.

My options are to hire a professional marketing team, or to work with a marketing agency to do the job for me. However, both options are too expensive for me at this stage. Which only leaves me with the option to do the marketing myself, something that I have always been interested to learn more about. It's not an easy thing to do, especially with the large number of marketing tools, channels and techniques. So, I started searching for the best way to put me on the right track and cover the basics.

I know from experience that self-studying is not easy. First, I must plan for what I need to learn. And then, choose the right resources. And most importantly, commit to achieve my goal. I tried taking a nanodegree with Udacity before, and the results were amazing. In less than 4 months I finished my nanodegree, learned the essentials of front-end programming and got to know some amazing people who took the course with me.

So here I am, starting my Digital Marketing nanodegree. I am learning for the best people in the world in this field. The projects help me apply the knowledge right away, and I am enjoying it!