Which Animals is Best know as Therapy Animals: ?

Therapy animals/ ESA letter animals are used in Animal-Assisted Therapy and they visit hospitals, nursing homes and hospices to provide comfort to the sick and suffering people. Animals are known to have therapeutic effects on humans and these therapy animals are perfect examples of it.

Unlike emotional support animals, do not need to get a letter to keep their animals, first, because they are not ESAs and second if you want to volunteer and make your pet into a therapy animal then you must follow your state’s laws for it.

Talking about therapy animals, there are a number of different kinds of animals that could be used for therapy purposes. Below, we have added some animals that make to the list of therapy animals.

1. Dogs

Dogs are the very first choices of the people who are looking for pets and emotional support letter animals. Interestingly, they are used as therapy animals also. Therapy dogs visit hospitals, schools, colleges and universities and hospices to comfort the people who are suffering and in stress.

You will find the Pyrenees to be a great indoor animal, who likes to stay quietly inside and doesn’t ask for much attention. However, it does require exercise and long walks, which can be a great way to get yourself to go outside.

The ESA registration is must for every pet however if you didn't get a chance to get an emotional support dog certification, then you can avail it from the real ESA letter website

2. Cats

Because cats are less affectionate than a dog and is often seen as a solitary and self-absorbed creatures, cats lovers are in majority. Still, they are great for the people who are afraid of dogs and since they small and adaptable, they can be carried anywhere easily.

Therapy cats visit hospitals and nursing homes to comfort the people who are missing their pets or just need someone to pet.

3. Rabbits

Do you know that rabbits make great therapy animals? Rabbits are small, fluffy and calm animals. They are well-socialized and since they do not make any noise like a support animal letter cat or a dog, it is best for the people who want a non-disturbing type of animal. Because of their small and manageable size, they are easy to handle and pet.

4. Horses

Quite a big choice for an emotional support and therapy animals, horses do great in this role. While you will not see a horse walking in a hospital or school premises, equine assisted therapy is great for a number of mental issues. Its helps in overcoming learning disabilities and grooming a horse or simply petting it lowers stress levels.

5. Birds

Surprised? Birds do make it to the therapy animals list. Birds, especially parrots, have therapeutic effects on the people suffering from anxiety and stress. These small and lively creatures are great to have around and who could deny the soothing effect of their chirping and singing?

While living with an emotional support animal needs an ESA letter for housing, any pet owner can register his animal as a therapy animal. Therapy animals work to lighten up the lives of the lonely and people suffering from anxiety and they are excellent in their work.

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