ideas list

where i add 3 ideas a day to give my creative juices a jiggle.
anyone can think of ideas but it is the ones who make them a reality that i respect. if that is you, feel free to pick any!

green - they exist.

  1. Moon paintings that glow in the dark

  2. Chair that beeps if you've sat for too long

  3. Self cleaning dining table tops

  4. Solar candles that turn on automatically when it's night

  5. Doorstep decor that repels mosquitoes

  6. Device to hear tree songs

  7. Lightbulbs that purify air

  8. An art museum for the blind

  9. Flying brooms

  10. All rainbow colour dispensing pen

  11. Massaging cushions

  12. Perfumrs that repel mosquitoes

  13. Art frames with backlights to double up as ambient lighting

  14. Apps that can translate dog’s barks to language of choice

  15. Crystal body stickers

  16. Crystal pockets in bras, underwear, dresses..

  17. Mirror that compliments you when you look into your eyes for more than 5 secs

  18. School kids learn plastic upcycling crafts as part of their studies

  19. Music for dogs

  20. A Hogwarts-like school in real life

  21. Changing eye colours at will

  22. Clothes with perfume patches to spray perfume on

  23. Making perfumes from kitchen/garden waste

  24. Chakra windchimes that make similar chakra balancing sounds

  25. Webcam that has discolight mode

  26. Brown paper bags come with dotted lines for fun cut outs

  27. A sun lamp that mimics the glow of sun throughout the day

  28. Coffee machine that makes a perfect cuppa personalised to you, no matter how much coffee, sugar or milk you add or don’t.

  29. Auto-mood detecting meditation app that plays the best meditation for you

  30. Swimwear with shell collection pockets

  31. diy necklace with stone options

  32. Incense whose ash becomes paint pigment

  33. Pet food packets convert to toys

  34. Coffee with Omega 3 added

  35. Glow in the dark wedding bands

  36. Rooftop, open-sky gyms

  37. Wall clocks that play music of choice when work day is over

  38. Compass cum roof light

  39. Globe that lights up the countries you’ve travelled to

  40. A roll-up slide that you can place from your balcony to the garden

  41. Music for plants

  42. Playing cards to learn a new language’s alphabet

  43. Mirros that you can touch/press for more light

  44. You can rent art

  45. QR code on all plastic made that shows upcycling ideas for the current one

  46. Buying sustainable products is tax-free

  47. Song uplifter that takes any sad song and makes it ridiculously happy!

  48. Email programs that can listen to your idea of a perfect inbox and self-adapts

  49. Emails that can have animated words and other fun add-ins

  50. Organic chewing gums/sticks that are great for mouth health

  51. Making furniture from fused used matchsticks

  52. Dust repelling surfaces

  53. Sounds to communicate with fish underwater

  54. Paint that can generate solar energy

  55. Candles whose fumes when you inhale is good for your health

  56. Camera that can ride on a fish inderwater

  57. Alcohol that has daily dose of multivitamins

  58. Socks that light up in the dark as you walk

  59. Fans that play music as they whirl

  60. Masks that also translate what you speak

  61. Crystals for dogs

  62. Crystal embedded wristwatch

  63. Crystal wall clocks

  64. Crystal lamps

  65. Translating hats

  66. Locker in secret brick on the wall

  67. Shoes that record miles walked

  68. Shoes that massage feet on command

  69. Earphones that tell you all about the important landmark you’re crossing when you use them while sight-seeing

  70. A pop-up cozy tent

  71. Hamdkerchief that always smells great

  72. Boats that self-paddle in canals

  73. Dresses with stick on/stick off patterns

  74. Colour changing clothes

  75. Analogue notebook that can upload content online with one tap

  76. Music to wake up kids gently

  77. As you walk out the front door, you hear a great compliment that is tailored as per what you’re wearing that time

  78. Self-watering pots designed as per the plant they’ll house

  79. A map that talks when pressed at certain points

  80. Brick walls that can play music when pressed like piano keys

  81. Bathroom mirrors that can record your voice and playback to you when you want it

  82. A campaign to promote picking up fallen flowers rather than live ones

  83. Temperature control underwear

  84. Chocolates that help with period pains

  85. Music that helps reduce headache

  86. Bed that adjusts shape to help with period pains

  87. Ink that smells great!

  88. Flatlay prop box

  89. Bottled magic dust

  90. Art that changes on touch

  91. Books that ring a soft chime when a page is turned

  92. Bottled moon water

  93. Light that is charged by moonlight

  94. A pen holder that expands when you fill more pens

  95. A diary whose cover could be changed at a tap

  96. Homes that have open-air and safe bedrooms