What is Neuro-Balance Therapy?

We’ve all heard the words in commercials, or maybe even in real life, “Help Me I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up!”

But rarely are these words heard in the cold night of the woods by an older lady suffering from hypothermia. Not only was she suffering in the woods from hypothermia, but she was also terrified by the howls of hungry night time predators, unknown to her what they were.

The question came to her next, does she shout for help and run the risk of getting attacked by a hungry predator? Or does she keep quiet and risk dying of hypothermia?

She thought this was her last night on earth as she watched the stars spread across the dark sky.

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The sad thing was she had six grandchildren and a wonderful family at home she couldn’t stop thinking of. She prayed to God but couldn’t muster the strength to pull herself to safety.

It was unfortunate at the time she missed a powerful 10-second ritual that was shared by her Harvard Evolutionary Biologist, which would have instantly saved her life and stopped the fall.

Any of the elderly who understand this method to stop a fall would easily have been able to protect themselves through the simple use of their feet, legs, and balance which would grow with each passing day. As they strengthened, the stability of their stance would further help ground their stance.

Not only would falling be a thing of the past, but so would walking up and down stairs, across offroad paths. And they would operate, feel, and move like they were decades younger than before.

Neuro-Balance Therapy is a practice that teaches the elderly how to avoid falls, slips, breaks, or more severe injuries. According to the people who created the product, the real issue when it comes to falls isn’t age, but the older people get, the more they start to slow down.

There is one nerve that is located in the foot; this nerve is said to be responsible for over 97% of all trips and falls that occur with people over the age of 60. More so, the same nerve in the foot is responsible for as many as 28,000 deaths yearly from the falls. This happens in older men and women, and the chance of death doubles if foot surgery is required to rehabilitate the patient.

How Does Neuro Balance Therapy Work?

The therapy works by teaching a short 10-second fall ritual which the developer claims could save your life regardless of how old you are, how much you weigh, if you’re bedridden, or have arthritis. It even helps if you’re on one of the dozens of prescription drugs known to cause slow reaction times.

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The ten-second ritual doesn’t involve fall training or anything; it involves strengthening one of the primary nerves in the foot, which is responsible for the falls. It will help to revive the nerve in the foot automatically and then let it spring into action and force contraction in your leg muscles to help catch you before it’s too late. Called the Deep Peroneal Nerve, it is responsible for helping you walk, and when it is stiff or entrapped, it can lead to falls and be unsteady on your feet.

It also helps with regular walking, standing, and the strength and stability of the lower half of your body so you can operate like you are 20 years old again. You can easily walk again without worry or stress.

Does Neuro-Balance Therapy Work?

Neuro-Balance Therapy has primarily positive reviews, like the following:

According to several different patients, like Jane from Florida, she was left to fend for herself after her husband died. Unfortunately, she was shaky on her feet; it gave her bad anxiety. Even the menial everyday tasks were too much for her to handle. After performing therapy work, though, she could walk around with ease and complete her daily errands and chores.

John from New Jersey stated he had a bad fall which led to a trip to ER; he hasn’t been himself for more than ten years. He feared walking down the stairs in the two-story house he called his home. Most nights, he felt trapped and lost complete control of his life. Then he went through the therapy and could live his life again.

Lana from Texas reported her mom fell several times and dealt with numerous injuries. She developed a fear of falling along with a fear of heights, and it became so bad she couldn’t live a regular life. Once she completed the therapy, her life changed forever, and she could go on about her days again.

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