TYME to Feel Good

All Week Long

Plant-friendly and time-saving meals are back at our location in Brookfield Place

Hey Members! Remember those vegan ‘fast food’ jars we raved about last year? Well, we loved them so much that we’re bringing them back for another week. This time, your 5th one is on us! Only at our location in Brookfield Place.

We’re all for living our best life with meal prep and home cooking but sometimes… ain’t nobody got time for that! Even chefs like David Chang don’t hustle in the kitchen all the time. This week take it easy, it’s TYME (pun intended) for wholesome meals ready to eat with the pop of a lid.

TYME jars are all locally sourced, plant-based, and most importantly, leave you feeling good! And with five options to choose from, including Middle Eastern, Thai, and Mexican, there’s one for your daily food mood.

Feel free to reuse the jar for smoothies or those oven-less cake recipes you’ve been meaning to try. Also recyclable, they’re good to Mother Nature too.

By the way, you don’t have to buy 4 jars all at once. Your biceps are probably killing you from arm day anyway. Feel free to pick one up everyday and get the 5th one for free. Say bye to the bowl, everything’s better in a jar!

Golden Californian

Whoever came up with cauliflower rice was a genius. Absorb their powers with this jar of superfood energy.

Good for: focus and memory, boosting your immunity, feeling #blessed

Zesty Mexican

Craving Chipotle but cheat day still a while away? Choose this, it’s basically a burrito in a jar.

Good for: your skin, sustained energy, after a night out

Spiced Middle Eastern

Trade in the usual quinoa for this protein-packed jar of spice goodness. With the beet hummus, this is pure indulgence.

Good for: sustained energy, healing properties, a post-workout protein hit

Tangy Thai

Send noods, not nudes. Slurp your way to a full belly with this powerful punch of Thai flavor.

Good for: boosting your immunity, aiding digestion, spicing up your life

Light Mediterranean

For anyone transitioning their lifestyle to the Mediterranean way. Feel fresh and ready to take on that to-do list with this one.

Good for: a healthy heart, antioxidants, a meal for one or a side for two