Technology is changing retail industry

You have been so long in the business world and in the third largest sector of our country.

The retail sector is constantly changing and you are managing your business in a traditional way with a number of different management departments such as human resources, accounts, purchasing, inventory and sales. You have more than 35 employees and five branches in Riyadh and Jeddah. Also, communications and information sharing between different departments are very weak.

In recent time, things have a lot changed like a value-added tax (VAT), High staff costs, Payment of government fees and shortage cash-flow problem.

it's very important to know what you should do to maximize your profits and faster making decisions based on true information and data.

you can't move forward business without ERP.

Nowadays, changing in the business world is inevitable. Companies need to embrace these changes or risk of losing their market share. One of those changes is the Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) technology.

In order for the company to build a strong infrastructure and become more flexible, first thing they need to do is to build an ERP system as a backbone for the organizations.

In fact, the main purpose of ERP systems is to integrate all functional departments in a company and to generate an information system that is able to provide accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information in order to assist managers, employees, or any partner in the supply chain to achieve better and precise decision making and build a firmly relationships with suppliers and gain customers loyalty.