When is the Right Time to Send Marketing Emails?

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The mystery of the best time to send email keeps stealing the attention of the email marketers. However, it can be called soled with some minor clauses. All you need is to study the behavior of various audiences in various industries and come up with the perfect schedule. Why is it important? Mainly because this is how you can reach your target reader. Eventually, the open rates will grow and it will have a great positive impact on your campaign results.

What Popular Studies Say?

As we already said, only analyzing of the various experiences can help in defining perfect timing for emailing. That is why we have collected results of studies of the well-known companies. Here is the list of those researchers:

– about best day: Customer.io and GetResponse;

– about best time: MailChimp, WordStream, CampaignMonitor, HubSpot;

– general: Experian and MailerMailer.

It is important to mention, that all these companies have done a great job, but you need to take into account that in most cases there were no opportunity to text various industries. So before choosing your approach, make sure it fits your business.
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