Signs of tree rotting

If you live in an area which is surrounded by trees you would know how tree health can affect your health and life. The damaged trees are more dangerous than any wild animal. Sometimes these trees can cause so much damage that homeowners need to redo roofing. This is why it is important to spot the damaged or sick tree to take necessary measures. For more information about tree removal be sure to check out Travs Trees.

You should immediately take care of these trees by removing, treating and taking other measures to avoid potential problems. These signs help to identify rot in trees.

Seeing sticks around

If you spot too many stick shedding around the tree it's not a healthy sign. To make sure that your tree is in good health you should watch the health of the branches and sticks around them. If the twigs or branches are flexible you should consult a tree specialist for inspection. It could be a hidden sign of rotting from the inside.

Excessive peeling of bark

Sometimes you see that the three bark is flaking or peeling off. The body of the tree has the skin as the bark. Just like human skin when we see any peeling in the three bark it can signify the inside problem in the tree condition. The one thing you can do to deal with this problem is to stick the peel back with water. If the bark does not stick with water then there could be a huge problem of fungal infection inside the tree. You should use the water technique after proper inspection of any fungus or it will make it worse.

Rot and fungus around tree

You can spot a lot of small fungus or rot around the tree. In the vicinity, you should thoroughly check if there is any fungus and if you spot fungus you should get it properly checked by a tree inspector. They should be qualified and experienced to deal with such cases and provide the best assistance.

Too many open wound

The open wounds in the tree are prone to many diseases caused by microorganisms. In any case of any wound that is left open for too long, you should make sure that they are treated well and away from any infection caused. If the wound is old then proper remediation is required to take care of them.

Spotting termites and pests

Termites and pests are the number one enemy of trees. If you spot any kind of harmful pests and termites around the tree you should take safety measures to kill them and ensure that none of them are causing any harm to the tree.


Tree rotting is sometimes difficult to spot. But if you have enough experience in tracking down any kind of rotten tree you should check it and get help from experts. It will be helpful for long-term use. It is essential for the safety and security of you and your loved ones.