Materials Options For Front Doors

The front doors are the central point of access to our homes. The entryways do not only offer entrance but also protect from external elements and bunglers. The entry doors also play a significant role in the general appearance of your home. The entrance doors are designed with different materials.

Every material has advantages and disadvantages, and the homeowner must choose the material that best suits their needs while offering the required functionality. Aesthetics is an important feature, but it is not the only thing you must consider when choosing the door material. Explore some of the common entrance door materials below.

1.      Wood Doors

Wood is a timeless material and has no signs of getting behind time. Wood is the ideal material if you want your front doors to embrace nature. Wood doors will give you the warmth and appeal that may be impossible with other door materials.

Wood is readily available and has been an option for most people because it comes in different designs and can be customized for personalized options.

Wood may, however, not be material to rush for your front door, especially if you live in an area that experiences high humidity or has a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. This is because wood naturally absorbs moisture and eventually rots.

It is crucial to understand that different types of wood offer different endurance levels. For a front door, hardwoods like mahogany may be an ideal option. 

You can paint wood to match the desired look or leave it to display a nature-like feel. The wood material is a budget-friendly option if you work with a tight budget.

2.                  Steel Doors

This is the most common type of front door material. This is because the steel material is readily available and has better security features than the wood counterpart. Steel is strong hence the popularity of its security properties.

Most people may need clarification on steel front doors for industrial doors, but this is different from what it means. Steel can be designed in different thicknesses to meet different needs, and its strength does not change with the changes in thickness. 

You should go for the steel material if you are looking for something that will provide maximum security in your home. Steel is almost impossible to cut through hence the high-security characteristic.

Steel doors also allow you to change colors as much as you like. You only need to paint a different color coat on top of the existing one to achieve this change.

Steel doors are not likely to rot like rot, but they may rust when exposed to moisture for a very long time. However, rusting is mostly manageable by painting.

3.                  Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass entry doors are increasingly becoming popular. This is because this door material has a lot of benefits to offer. The window is like a lightweight alternative to the usual door materials.

Fiberglass doors are resistant to warping, moisture and don't rust. They can also be customized to different designs and don't require much maintenance. Fiberglass doors only need regular cleaning, which is expected practice for hygiene reasons.

Fiberglass doors come in different designs, offering homeowners many options depending on their needs and preferences. The doors are durable and don't require repairs except for regular cleaning to keep them in good shape.

4.                  Aluminum Doors

These front doors are lightweight, and they don't rust. Aluminum is also a popular option for its insulation features.

Aluminum doors can be designed like glass panels to give them a more sophisticated appearance. Aluminum doors are, however, not a very popular option for front door material.

5.                  Glass Doors

Glass doors are striking and unique, mainly if used on the home's exterior. However, there are better options than they are if you are looking for something to maximize the security of your home. 

Glass material is easy to break through, and therefore this may be a good option if you are confident in the security of your home. Glass door designs can be frosted or textured if you want to improve the security of your home.

6.                  Composite Doors

This is a material which is a combination of different materials. The materials combined may be more than one, including steel, wood, and fiberglass. The combination helps improve durability and also makes maintenance easy.