Homework: Should it be Assigned or Not?

How often have you wanted to scream on top of your lungs ‘No homework, please!’?

More than you can ever recall. However, as this wish of yours is not granted, you modify your request statement and ask: “Can somebody do my essay UK?”

Hence, it is a fact that student of any age finds homework boring, tiresome, and, most importantly, useless. Based on this information, assigning homework to students is not a wise call as students find it nothing less than a punishment. They try to avoid this imposed wrath as much as they can by either procrastinating or by hiring a suitable writing company for themselves.

Though the latter option helps them save their face, it still does not justify the trouble students go through to generate results they are least interested in producing.

When this concern was placed before the relevant academic figures, they counter-questioned the inquirers: “How else do you expect students to learn?”

Thus, no matter how much nerve-wracking completing homework is, it cannot be eliminated from the students’ lives unless another potential idea replaces its need.

There are numerous reasons why it is pivotal to find an alternative assessment method for the students, which are discussed below:

Consummates a Huge Time Fraction

Completing homework takes time as the student is required to comprehend and produce the required specifications. He needs to explore the subject topic in-depth, understand the professor’s instructions, and proceed accordingly.

It must be noted that a student is assigned more than a dozen writings at a time. Hence, they do not get any free time for themselves. The imposed pressure compels students to dedicate all their time in compiling essay pages, which is nothing but pitiful.

Meddles With Students’ Sanity

As mentioned earlier, students have to work in constrained timespans, which leaves them with no breaks for themselves. Soon exhaustion and fatigue take over to restrict students’ working potential. They find it hard to keep up with their academic obligations because the academic bodies demand much more they can ever produce; this instils stress in their being and, having an exhausted state of mind; they fall prey to problems such as depression or anxiety.

Isolates the Person

Every student wants to achieve the top-notch grade and does everything in his power to transpose the result of his desires into reality. However, living up to that standard comes with a cost- the student must dedicate all his time and energy towards the academic obligations.

Hence, students have no choice but to isolate themselves from social activities and let go of their interests. It is not healthy for anyone and, soon, students are likely to develop problems which are beyond repairable.

In conclusion, it is the dire need of time for institutions to find an alternative for homework. If they cannot furnish this requirement, the least they can do is minimise the workload for the students and enable them to live better.