Glimpses Of Kerala


Kerala,India - my home state, its raw beauty has mesmerized me right from the days when I walked with my grandmother on the paddy fields and unpaved roads. Attending the local festivals or just being on a heap of hay, has immensely influenced my work. It is usually the lesser noticed aspects of the Kerala life that I highlight through this series. These oil paintings on canvas are my attempt to capture the fast evading beauty of Kerala, of my childhood days.

Nostalgia (95x75cms/37.5"x29.5")
Kerala thatched houses constructed using wood and tiles with a central open courtyard, corridors, massive pillars and dormer window is typical of its architectural style. The more elaborate and sophisticated ones forms the Nalukettu and Ettukettu. Inside these tharavads (ancestral home) are displayed a wealth of antiques.

The Vanishing Steps (61x44cms/61"x17.3")
The private bathing area of each tharavad (ancestral home).

The ruin (50x64cms/19.7"x25.2”)
One of the many abandoned worship place..

The Kochi catch (72x52 cms/28.3"x20.5")
Chinese fishing net mostly found in Kerala may have been introduced by the Chinese explorer, Zheng He. Their size and elegant construction is very photogenic and the slow rhythm of their operation is quite hypnotic.

The proud literates.

The Reflection-1 (102x82 cms--40.1"x32.2")
The mystery of this reflection is unique to Kerala. An early morning scene on a lake as three men set out for fishing in a country boat.

Sunset (27"x22.5")
The mystic of sunset in kerala waters.

Reflection - (73x63cms/28.7"x24.8")
The subdued ripple of the tranquil sea made by a passer by.

The village competition (75x55 cms/29.5"x21.6")
The freshly ploughed paddy fields make the stadia for this rural pastime. This event is highly competitive and thrilling; the villagers gather in large numbers around the field and cheer the participants.


                                               (52x71 cms/20.5"x28")

The elegant stride (80x52cms/31.5"x 20.5")
The tranquil lake churned into a dazzle by the morning sunrise stride of ducks.

The Aspiration (74x68 cms--29"26.7")

The collection (75x50 cms--29.5"x19.7")
As monsoon picks up momentum over Kerala, a sea of lotus flowers has unusually but beautifully burst forth from the waters of a lake. A lone boatman was punting through and picking a few of them

The serenity (72x54 cms/28"x21.6")
Throughout the coastal area of Kerala are endless stretches of lakes, lagoons and ponds connected by network of canals. The monsoon season brings in a lot of panoramic view of Kerala as in this painting, the country boat set at rest as the sky is all set for a heavy down pour.

The Survival (70x45cms/27.5"x17.7")
Kerala, being a coastal state imbibes in many the art of conquering the dangers of nature for their survival.

The Thekkady treasure (71x55 cms/28"x21.6")
Breathe taking natural beauty of western ghats with its majestic wild life.

Kudamattam (100x58cms/39.3"x22.8")
North of Kerala is famous for many cultural events like Thrissur Pooram. Kudamattam on caprisoned elephants is a spectacular event of Thrissur Pooram

The Malabaris  (65x73cms/25.6"x28.7")
One of the varied costume and culture found in kerala - represented by malabaris.





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