Creative exploration has been an innate urge in me, right from childhood. Although I realized only lately that painting is the best medium of self-expression. “Hues of revival“ comes as a result of my introspection and answer to inner quest.

Letting children grow beyond our protective wings is what all parents strive for. Little did I realize that this phase of life will come as a blow. Seeking strength, energy and happiness I turned to nature; Always attracted to wilderness and its crude imperfections, I could easily connect to nature and the energy it exudes. Flowers - one of the most attractive forms in nature, easily available models, became my subject matter. In this series, I enjoyed playing with bright colors, painting florals, twisting and turning and positioning them in space according to my fancy. 

Each of my paintings was an experience in itself. Indulging in it has thoroughly washed and enlivened my spirit with mesmerising colours. Art helped me to live in unexplored, shut out places. Having passed through this nurturing, enlivening process, has both energised and calmed me. I am happy to be able to share this work and the vibrant energy it brings with…….

Midnight Frangipani (oil on canvas)
Size: 34 H x 40 W x 1 in
The multicolored blooms emerging from darkness.

Water Lillies (oil on canvas)
Size: 33 H x 25 W x 1 in
White lillies standing majestically in a moon lit pond.

Blue Iris (oil on board)
Size: 20 H x 40 W x 1 in
Elegantly winged iris in orange-green backdrop.

Bouquet (oil on canvas)
Size: 24 H x 36 W x 1 in
Melange of varied flowers on a pastel background of hues.

Golden Flame (Acrylic on Canvas)
Size: 35 H x 33 W x 1 in
Yellow finger painting, on red background symbolising a prosperous new year in Kerala tradition.

Marigold (oil on canvas)
Size: 33 H x 25 W x 1 in
The flower representing festivities, prosperity and happiness in India. Golden yellow - the color of royalty.