Types of irrigation methods for fruit trees

Irrigation of trees is one of the most important issues that should be taken into consideration when setting up a nursery. And this work must be done completely on principle, otherwise it will cause a lot of damage. For example, some people believe that in order to make the trees as productive as possible, give them a lot of water and they usually water the trees too much. But this method is wrong, and in fact, watering the trees more than needed not only does not increase the yield, but also causes other problems. This work causes dangerous fungal diseases such as gomoz and powdery mildew and may dry the tree in a short period of time. In general, a full irrigation with a long interval is preferable to a half irrigation but with a shorter time.
If you are planning to start a nursery, you should know that watering for each tree should be done according to certain principles. Irrigation intervals are a matter that should be done according to the growth curve of the trees. In this article, we want to talk about the best method of watering fruit and almond trees. If you want to know about this, stay with us until the end of this article.

Types of irrigation methods for fruit trees

1. Surface irrigation of fruit trees
2. Flood irrigation and flooding of fruit trees
3. Grooving irrigation of trees
4. Irrigation under pressure of fruit trees using different systems under pressure
5. Drip irrigation

Surface irrigation of fruit trees

Among the old methods for irrigating trees, there are methods such as kerti, strip and groove irrigation. For these methods, the land was divided into different parts (plots). The number and size of plots depends on the slope of the land and the type of soil. In this method, after buying all kinds of fruit seedlings, such as buying cherry seedlings (خرید نهال گیلاس ) and planting them, atmospheric water was placed in the fields or narrow streams, and in this way, fruit trees and crops were irrigated. Regullary; This method is not used today. Since new more economical methods have replaced this method, surface irrigation is not among the best methods of irrigating fruit trees.
flooding irrigation of fruit trees

Another method of irrigating trees is the flooding method. This method is used for flat lands or gardens located near the river. Flooding and flood irrigation cannot be controlled and may damage the fruit trees. This is the reason why this method is not known as the best method of watering fruit trees and is rarely used. If your garden is located near the river and you plan to use this method to irrigate your fruit trees, be sure to get help from Gulbaran Sabz Gilan for free to avoid financial losses. It should be noted that in this irrigation method, it has been proven that many trees suffer from crown rot and camous or Fusarium fungal disease.

Furrow irrigation of fruit trees

The best method of watering fruit trees, which can cause the tree to be watered, is the furrow method. In this method, after buying all kinds of seedlings, such as buying plum seedlings (خرید نهال آلو ) , etc., and planting them; Two grooves are dug in the shade of fruit trees. Irrigation in these lands and gardens should be done in such a way that the water does not have a high speed and does not stagnate. The length of the furrows is different according to the type of soil and the water loss in this method is less than the previous two methods. The distance between the furrows and the distance of each furrow from the fruit trees is very important. therefore; To get to know this irrigation method better, you can visit the Paliz website ( پالیزنهال ) and consult with our experts. One of the problems in this irrigation method are weeds, which are the source of pests and diseases.

Pressure irrigation of fruit trees

One of the common methods currently is irrigation under pressure. In this method, water flows under pressure in the pipe and is spread in the form of drops or sprinkles on the ground or in the garden. Due to saving water consumption, this method is known as the best method of watering fruit trees. Piping and the costs that the gardener has to pay for drip irrigation are a bit high. But; After that, with the reduction of water consumption costs, you will realize that this method is very economical and will not harm your trees. If you want many people to come to your garden to buy all kinds of your products, such as buying  pear seedling (خرید نهال گلابی ) ,apple, cherry , ...  nectarine, etc. seedlings; You must have high-quality products and achieving this goal also depends on your correct irrigation method.
Drip irrigation, the best method of watering fruit trees

In today's age, when we are justified by the lack of water; Drip irrigation, which is a modern irrigation method, is known as the most suitable and best method of watering fruit trees. In this irrigation method, a limited area of the soil will be irrigated, and this limited area is exactly the root development area. In this method of watering trees, a balance is established between evaporation and the amount of irrigation, and the water flow or its wastage is prevented. In this method, the water reaches the plant's feet through the drippers that are embedded in the irrigation systems at the feet of the trees or spread on the ground. Drip irrigation saves water and is more efficient. In trickle and furrow irrigation, all kinds of fertilizers can be given to the plant along with irrigation.

Note: The age of the tree is also one of the effective factors that can play a significant role in choosing the best method of watering trees. In general, young trees need more care. When your seedling is one to two years old, this care and sensitivity will be relatively higher. Meanwhile, the method of watering these young trees is the most important. A young seedling initially uses its energy to strengthen its roots and expand its roots. Therefore, providing sufficient water using a suitable irrigation method can play an effective role in promoting the growth and expansion of tree roots.
There are differences in the amount of irrigation of young seedlings in cold and tropical regions. In cold regions and in the first days of planting seedlings, trees are watered twice a day. After two weeks, watering is done once a week. Of course, it should be noted that some young trees, such as citrus seedlings, need more watering. If you live in tropical or drought areas, it is better to use more resistant trees. These trees are less sensitive to choosing the best irrigation method. Also, the presence of high resistance to heat and drought tolerance in these trees saves water consumption and makes it possible to use drip irrigation method for them.