Content Marketing For Service Vs Retail Businesses

I wanted to start sharing my journey in not only making a success as a freelancer but now as of 4 months ago have ventured in to the world of retail too.

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My freelance business is as a sound recordist for branded content, films and more. This involved me learning skills to sell myself as the product. I’ll be relating this to selling a service even though it involved many different sub services.

The retail business that is only 4 months old is setup with my wife. Romi had started making scrub caps for women and men in surgery a year earlier. She was happy doing her own thing on the side of working in surgery.

How these paths have crossed?

Much of my content marketing for the service side was demonstrating my knowledge. This built up a following of people looking for essentially information products to further themselves.

Personally I felt uncomfortable about making myself the product in that way and just wanted to help on the side with the main focus to my clients.

So having this itch of marketing knowledge without being able to scratch meant I wanted to look for a physical product to sell.

Originally this looked unlikely in the film industry for the deep investment needed in product development. When Romi decided she wanted to be able to take her side project to a real business I was eager to help.

Over the past 4 months has involved shifting my marketing efforts that were successful for services to the more complex multi-marketing approach.

Ideas for making content for services

  • Demonstrating knowledge through audio/video/written articles.

  • Interview other peers in your industry to help others figure out a path to success

  • Social proof with testimonials from others

  • Sharing your origin story

These are common also for retail from what I’ve found so far. There are more ways so I’ll just sum up for now and in more posts cover them in detail.

Ideas for making content for a retail business

These go along with the previous mentioned ones.

  • Giverway sample products to influencers for them to make content in the form of reviews.

  • Document your process for making items (like this) this will overlap with your origin story along the way

  • Gain brand reps and use them as a focus group to hone your products and improve your service overall

  • DM people who are interested by searching hashtags or locations on Instagram or Twitter. Then offer discounts.

  • Demonstrate your ethics and why you are having a business at all.

  • Share and collaborate with your customers to help them make content you can endorse.


Retail isn’t completely different from selling a service but with the added benefits of a tangible items you can easily built trust if they are made well.

We will be going through all of these items in detail but should show you the shift in my thinking from self centered place of demonstration to sharing the wealth and love of a community that is your customers.

Feel free to DM on Instagram or leave a comment on my podcast of what else I can help you with.