ESA Ownership of Hypoallergenic Cats – Guide

Some people suffer from allergies that are not chronic and can be avoided only by keeping specific breeds of animals. Animals that lower the risk of such allergies are known as hypoallergenic that could be dogs or cats. You can get physical and psychological benefit by keeping an emotional support animal. Some cats have allergies and produce them in saliva, while this attribute is absent in hypoallergenic cats. Such cats also have small hair with no risk of affecting a person with an allergy.

At realesaletter, we understand the importance of pets in our emotional and mental well-being. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a pet that can also serve as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

Washington State ESA Letter: Legal Protection for Your Emotional Support Animal

If you're a pet owner in esa letter washington state with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), you know the importance of having your furry friend by your side. To ensure that your ESA can be with you at all times, including pet-restricted housing, it's essential to obtain a valid ESA letter.

Arizona ESA Letter: Really focusing on Your Hypoallergenic ESA Feline

In the event that you're a pet person in Arizona with an Everyday reassurance Creature (ESA), you know the significance of having a fuzzy companion that can likewise give profound solace and backing. To guarantee that your hypoallergenic feline can accompany you consistently, remembering for pet-confined lodging, it's fundamental to get a substantial esa letter arizona.

If you suffer from allergies, you can choose from the breeds mentioned below. 

Hypoallergenic Cats

If you want to keep an ESA, you only need to get an ESA letter from a licensed psychiatrist. Nowadays, you can find many professional psychiatrists working online. First, they would evaluate your physical and psychological need for an ESA and then would recommend one. The process is not that rigorous, as you only need to fill a questionnaire that will ultimately assess your needs. If you want to keep a cat as your ESA, then the following breeds would be appropriate for you.

American Shorthair

This cat is also known as America’s breed and is a favorite to every household. It has average intelligence with a good disposition and moderate temperament. It is gentle around kids and can get along with other pets too. American Shorthair is a traditional breed to be kept as an ESA.


This breed has many diverse personalities as it can be very vocal, demanding, or mean. It is extremely loyal with a tendency to get attached to the owner. Due to its playful nature, sometimes it is called 'dogs of the cat world.' It can be very supportive due to its ability to learn new commands like fetching and is an affectionate breed.

Maine Coon

It is also known as one of the largest domesticated cat breeds in North America. This breed of cats is very active, trainable, and intelligent. Such attributes show that it is easy to keep it as an ESA. Before you start thinking about getting this cat, make sure to get a valid letter. The format or content of the letter remains the same as in the emotional support dog letter. But in your letter, it would be a cat instead of a dog.


It is a friendly and mild-mannered cat and best for human companionship. It is very friendly and can easily sleep on the owner's lap. It is another type of hypoallergenic cat with no risk of causing allergies. It has a dog-like personality due to its affectionate attribute. A well trained Ragdoll is very friendly around kids.

American Bobtail

This breed was made official in 2002 with attributes of loyalty, companionship, and affection. Though it is not vocal, it is very much an independent and active cat. You can also get this cat by acquiring an ESA letter first from a licensed psychiatrist. You can get the letter after a complete psychological evaluation.

Persian cat

This cat is lovely with long white or light gray hairs. It is expressive, quiet, and gentle with many unique cat expressions. 

These are some hypoallergenic cats that are good for people prone to allergies. You can keep them without the fear of getting any kind of allergy. You would love to have an ESA around you once you qualify for the letter.