Community Weekly Update

November 18th, 2019

This week, new guardians were welcomed into the world alongside members rising up to take some truly massive stab towards weapons they were missing or just were left out-of-reach in past seasons. This week has also been the most hectic, update-infested and roughest for our community server as we begin the transition into the Community Server format. So strap in and buckle up, this week we have quite the update to discuss including a look at the life of our founders and how recent events will impact their participation in the clan.

Migration Phase | Community Beta Begins

After careful testing and personal feedback from our alpha testers, we are ready to move into the next phase of deployment and that will include the gradual migration of all members in the Steam VOIP Lounges to our official Community Discord Server. This change is massive and we have had to prepare the clan for the changes as well as ensure the environment still remains stable and open. 

Now, what does this mean for our existing members, well VLKYRIE official members on Steam can reach out and start Clan Raid sessions and power into content they have yet to touch starting this week. This also means we are going to deploy our new community guidelines known as the VLKYRIE Community Protocols which will cover things from what you need to follow in terms of your membership rights and your behavior inside the server alongside what we allow and what will be warned about or removed in terms of content. 

To break down our beta phase, please read the overview below or read the new overview in the community clan upon entering the server.

VLKYRIE Protocol | Our new official Guidelines

This change is bringing massive changes across the board for our clan server structure however as stated before, we want to move beyond what it means to be a clan and become a community open to any and all members no matter clan affiliation in order to bring the server into the open. We are expecting changes in the following areas with this new Protocol structure so be sure to read this brief overview and note that these will be effective when we reach deployment phase later this November.

Community Changes

- Restrictions to Link-Posting (Server Posting will have you warned)

- Message Filtering (We will be now filtering posts in the server)

Additional Features coming December

- Dedicated VLKYRIE Service Bots
- New LFG Features (Closed Alpha coming soon)
- Community Admin Opportunities 

- LFG Member migration into VLKYRIE (Depending on Space)

- Playstation and Stadia Support (More on VLKYRIE Connect soon)

We are reaching a massive milestone with this deployment meaning we are now on the pathway to ensuring we build the environment, structure, and community you all deserve with features that help redefine our server from others alongside features that redefine our position as a clan and as a community.

Little Lights | A New Guardian is Born

As you have all been kept up-to-date regarding, a new guardian was born into the world earlier this week (November 14th, 2019). This new guardian is also the first daughter of Community Founders “ShadowshotAS and Maggiedarkness”, meaning some features are needing an overhaul as well as availability being dependant on their real-life situation (Appointments, Childs Needs, Personal, ect….).  

Their newborn daughter, “Ruby Anne Rose Stephensen” is now the focus of their attention alongside their 4-Year-Old son, “Jason Andrew Stephensen”. So how does this impact the clan and community, firstly their availability to help manage and support members is varied depending on the needs of their children. Second, Raid Workshop will still be hosted but wont return until December 10th meaning the feature will be disabled until further notice unless a session is created within the spur of a moment. 

Lastly, this also means their participation in content released in Destiny 2 will be also restricted. Raid sessions will be impacted, crucible sessions will be hosted at specific times and challenging content will only be tackled on certain platforms unless motivation changes to use other platforms. As a treat to everyone in the community, here is a look at the founding family that helped make all of what you see and experience, possible.

What’s Next | A glimpse at our vision

We are no longer pushing forward as a clan, that is evident from how we are transforming into a community but with that being said, where are we heading next?. Well, firstly we are heading into another year of Destiny 2 and service but this time we are taking things differently. 

Back with EXGNT, we devised the idea to reach out to struggling clans and become a giant support clan that helped others. Now we are revisiting this concept but on a whole different angle and concept. VLKYRIE has ensured to be rid of that past structure, remain openly transparent about all changes and ensured to keep the needs of the members at heart. 

This new structure arriving in December will be the start of the next stage of things to come. Deploying in 2020 will be a feature called “VLKYRIE Connect” and yes, we are about to open the doors to all platforms, we just need to make sure we have enough of a network prepared to support this change. 

Cross-Save opened a lot of doors for Bungie as well as clans, we are taking this experience to a whole new level and we will be talking in-depth about VLKYRIE Connect early 2020. For now, we are announcing the new design coming and we are opening the doors throughout December and January to all platforms. 

This also means our community is transforming into a network, we will soon support members across the board within the following areas:

VLKYRIE Connect Service Preview

- Dedicated support for Cross-Save members
- Open Community Server: Affiliation will not be needed for access
- VLKYRIE Outreach Support for Steam, Xbox, Playstation and Stadia

- Refined Community structure, updated VLKYRIE Protocols

- In-clan support for Stadia and Playstation members

So in closing, we are doing a lot of things and to start, we are opening the doors, next, we are connecting and in the future, we are building the most game-changing community experience that will change how clans and communities are perceived. Thank you for all your support, server boosting through Discord Nitro and helping us reach this monumental milestone. Welcome to the VLKYRIE community and soon Welcome to the VLKYRIE Network arriving early next year